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Computer troubles in PG Circuit Court Ask someone at Prince Georges Circuit Court what I-B-M stands for and they might answer ``Indefinitely Broken Machine. The court system bought $2.5 million dollars worth of I-B-M computers two years ago, when the machines were still high-end. But from day one, officials say theyve been having one problem after another. I-B-M thinks the problem is with an incompatible computer chip, but county officials arent so sure. Either way, court employees still find themselves having to work around busted computers  often waiting days for Big Blue to send a tech.

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 23, 1999


* * * 19990923 Thursday

What I was told by a co-owner of a VERY large business client back in the late 1980's when I asked why his company didn't utilize any PC's in-house:

After getting "burned" by a computer consulting firm that sold them a bunch of crap they had to throw out, he said everyone was of the opinion that I.B.M. stands for: "It's Better Manual"

Perhaps they were on to something? That could be the new post-Y2K mantra, as well as preferred mode of doing business.

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (, September 23, 1999.

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