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Hello everyone, we are using Pshop client/server 4.2 and are having difficulties ripping PS files from Windows95/98. We having been using the (usually excellent) Adobe Postscript drivers and using the Encad PPD but after Adobe PS4.1 (it is now at 4.3) we are constantly getting Offending Command DIV erros and the RIP halts processing. We cannot go back to an earlier version of the AdobePS driver as Acrobat 4.0 updates the Windows Postscript drivers due to requirements within its software, and Acrobat 4.0 is essential to our imaging strategies. We do not want to simply install a QMS driver, since those drivers do not allow custom page sizes like the AdobePS driver.

Anyone experience this in their workflow and develop a workaround, other than making the PDF, throwing it on a MAC and regenerating a new postscript (that always works). This same problem exists using Postershop 4.0 as well. The reason we cannot use PDF's from windows on the mac is that some fonts absolutely REFUSE to embed, due to licensing restrictions, such as WordPerfects WPTypographic symbols -you cannot imagine how that font kills our PDF workflow. Long live WINGDINGS!

Thanks, -Jason

-- Anonymous, September 23, 1999


Have you tried to carry your fonts over to your PC workstatation, inside of PosterShop. I've notice that in Corel Draw I created an EPS file and the fonts keep getting switched out to Courier... So I copied the font over the PC station with PosterShop and Under Font manager, I just added the font being used.. This was a lot easier than creating outlines in Illustrator..

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999

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