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help stuck with a lot of dear meat and do not know what do with them. I did not hunt, it is given by the mother nature.

-- Nassei (, September 23, 1999


ForHeaven's sake, Nassei - just can it!! It keeps a long time nd taste wonderful.

-- goatlady (, September 23, 1999.

Be careful to remove as much of the fat and connective tissue as possible. This is what gives it a gamey taste. Coat large bite size pieces in flour, then fry in crisco in a frying pan, brown it nicely, remove to a bowl. When you have done browning all of it, deglaze the pan with water, reserve this aside. prepare your jars and lids and rings as usual. tightly pack meat into jars, leaving normal headspace, add some of the water you used to deglaze the frying pan, make sure each bottle has at least a few tablespoons of fat in it, and if necessary add water to come up to cover the meat. clean rims, put lids on and process in the pressure canner for recommended length of time (I do 45 minutes, but my meat is already cooked through).

This can be served later on with boiled potatoes and some other vegetable. Very yummy.

re: Deer meat, it is of utmost importance that great care be taken in dressing the carcass of the animal. If hair touches the meat, it will make it quite gamey tasting, so trim it off. Also try to remove all the fat - that is very gamey stuff.

If you do these things, you will have some really delicious eating. I use only black pepper to flavor my meat. Salt added makes the meat tough, so add it at the table when you want to eat it.

bon appetit!

-- (a friend@pnw.wet), September 24, 1999.


If you want to dry sausage, stay out of the rain!!!!!

-- just (hadtosayit@now.web), September 24, 1999.

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