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Wednesday, March 03, 1999

Glitch opens cell doors

The Cincinnati Enquirer

COVINGTON  A computer malfunction Tuesday opened cell doors on the ninth floor of the Kenton County Detention Center, but escape was never a possibility for 25 to 30 prisoners there, jail officials said.

There was never any danger to anyone in the community, jail Maj. Rodney Ballard said.

The glitch, which occurred about 1 p.m., opened cell doors, but prisoners remained confined within a secure cell block, Maj. Ballard said. They were moved to other secure rooms while the problem was worked on, he said.

They were never in an unsecured area, Maj. Ballard said.

The problem was fixed late Tuesday.

Around 10:30 p.m., everybody was back in their cells, he said.

Jail officials plan to meet with the computer system manufacturer today to discuss the malfunction, Maj. Ballard said.

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 23, 1999


Homer Beanfart,

So what??? It was fixed.

-- (, September 23, 1999.


Were you there?

-- Mara Wayne (, September 23, 1999.

Another Homer! Y2K problems will be hitting more & more as .biz .system .gov etc. begin testing & implementing & trying. 99% of such problems never get reported.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 23, 1999.

Some may have followed my long rants on right and wrong, so don't misunderstand my intentions when I say now that I am also concerned about the health and welfare of those in prison. The cell doors may work properly or default to a locked position, but I do worry that prisons are not stockpiling food, water, and blankets in anticipation of Y2K disruptions. While human punishment is appropriate, real human beings sitting in prison cells have basic needs that must be met (even) in a time of national crises-- should such occur. Christians should be especially outspoken concerning the conitnued care of those in prison. But I'm not hearing much.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, September 23, 1999.


what does S-I-M-U-L-T-A-N-E-I-T-Y spell?

-- a bit tired (of@you.too), September 23, 1999.

Simultaneity is a noun. Whether or not preparations are being made for prisoners at the same time cell door glitches are being fixed is the question. I have not read news reports describing such preparations? Please do provide a link to new stories illustrating this simultaneity.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, September 23, 1999.

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