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Interest was shown in an earlier thread on the problems arising from dead hogs and overwashed hog waste "lagoons"; here's the big story on how pork producers became "Boss Hog":

-- Old Git (, September 23, 1999


Also, anyone that subscribes to Earth Island Journal can read reports on all the atrocities committed by big corporations. Agribusiness and the petroleum industry run about neck and neck. The entire North Carolina hog farm scandal is reported in EIJ, as well as the meat industries disgusting practices and scams, backed by the govt.,

CURIOUS about how much aid corporations received from the Federal Government in one recent year???? How about 167 billion dollars. And we gripe about welfare mothers! Corporate welfare is the biggest government disgrace in all government spending.

And what about The Business of Cancer, a recent article in Food and Water Journal. It seems that profits in cancer centers, mean more than concern for the health care for patients. Check out "Pesticides" Bringing the Battle Home." It's well worth reading to know what sort of chemicals we are daily being exposed to in our food and water, especially now with all the flooding.

If you have a well, have your water checked, by two separate labs, even if you're in a clean water area. We had ours checked on a whim and found we had E-coli in our system. This is in a fairly new well, cased all the way down. We now filter every drop of water that we drink.

According to Mother Jones Magazine, here are a few perks corporations get from governments: Bailouts, export promotions, loans, research grants, price supports, subsidies.

I get so sick of people on this forum bashing mainly Clinton and occasionally, Gingrich, Livingtston, and government officicials about their morals. What about the much worse moral atrocities, that affect everyone, when government caters to corporations. Why aren't the moralists standing up and screaming about that!!

And what about the overpaid CEO's? Check out Mother Jones Magazine. The magazine for hellraisers instead of whining moralists worrying about sins of the flesh. As long as you're blathering about Bill Clinton's sleazy morals, everyone is happy--it takes the heat off the real dirty deals and corporate sleaze. The holier-than-thou crowd worries about officials sex lives. Why aren't they asking about Clinton and International Paper, or why he waited too late to check up on Shell's operations in Africa.

What about Clinton's big buddy and big donor Wm. S. Lerach, and Dean Buntrock the polluter and big buddy and donor to the GOP.

It's time to focus on the real problems of the US which begins with corporations. They have bought the best politicians that money can buy to further their agendas.

-- (, September 23, 1999.

Only be as loyal to the corporation as they are to you!!! Yes all corporate welfare needs to end... Then if a corporation will still agree to pay their CEO an inordinate amount of money then so be it.. But not with my taxes... I think the cozy relationship between big corporations and big government is only going to get worse... Until we the people stand up and say no more... You vote with your dollars..

-- kergan (, September 23, 1999.

Has anyone figured out yet that our system has been bought out from under us? NC is just one example, and the hog lobby is just one lobby. They will have trouble now that the hurricane has 'exposed' their lies, but they are just one of many.

I will be interested to see what kind of TV ads are run now by 'NC Farmers for Fairness'. Will they tell people to be prepared for only a three-day stench?

-- Forrest Covington (, September 23, 1999.

I know that this is OT but the regular job of hashing out y2k is being handled admirably by a lot of serious weenies, polly's, nerds, engineers, paranoids, programers etc.

I am another lurker on this forum, and I agree. While I support most of the people and ideas here, I must say that Clinton bashing is indeed merely displacement behavior, more or less like a caged animal scratching at its own fur.

The danger to this town, county, world, and planet are a bunch of corrupt politicians, and sleezy corporate bastards who own them. I hate to say it but both the republicans and democrates are about equally bought and paid for and Buchanan would love more of the same.

Right now one of the last wild coho breeding streams is about to be raped by Pacific Lumber, sister corporaton of Kaiser Aluminum. They own the Calif. board of forestry, lock stock and barrel. They bought it through Gov. Wilson, republican, but are making payments to Senator Feinstein and the new Dem. governor Davis.

so goes our streams, goes the planet and your jobs

its the tv -- kill it! have a nice day

-- Peter Starr (, September 23, 1999.

Old Git,

I'm ashamed to say that (in Toronto) I had no idea about NC hog farming. But I'm glad I found out. Thank you very much for posting the link. This is very much *on* topic, and puts things smack in context, doesn't it?

-- PH (, September 23, 1999.

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