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Has anyone tried traveling in those little black dresses from the Travelsmith catalog? They look interesting, but are they comfortable and smart looking? I've never seen one on anyone when I have been flying, so I wanted to hear from someone before I "invested" a one.

-- Deborah Svenson (, September 22, 1999


Hi Deborah;

I try to test out products that I review, and Travelsmith's black dress is certainly no exception. For me, it's not just a travel dress; I wear it for work and nights out regularly. The princess seam means even those of us without a perfect waist can look smart, and because it has no zippers or buttons, there's nothing to snag and it fits really comfortably. A couple of things I've noticed: I once ordered one of their shorter dresses, and the tension on the princess seam had been set incorrectly, and wouldn't stretch the way it should. I returned it with no problem. The long-sleeve version with the turtleneck is very warm, but if you don't like the "choker" effect, get the one with the jewel neck instead. My preference is the black color -- be careful; the burgundy color is a lot lighter than the catalog legs out. The sage color (which they have available in the warmer months) is very light, almost like a mint color. I personally prefer darker ones instead; they almost never show sweat and vairous stains. You can wash these by hand and will actually dry overnight, too. I swear by these and have spent way more than I should on collecting several of them in different styles and colors. Hope that helps!

--Baglady Lani

-- Lani Teshima (, September 23, 1999.

I recently bought the short-sleeved Travelsmith Indispensable Black Dress and I love it. The material is so silky and smooth, and you really can crush it and it won't be wrinkled. I've worn it to work and on a recent trip and I hightly recommend it.

-- Sandra Ludwig (, March 26, 2000.

I also have Travelsmith's "little black dress" but Please look into Norm Thompson's catalog for their black dress. I love it! It's a very simple straight black with short tutleneck. You can really dress it up or down. I do like it better.

-- Francesca Hahn (, January 21, 2001.


I have one and it is very versatile, but watch out for the sun. I was wearing it and sitting in the car, the sun was shining on me and I got a NASTY sunburn (or maybe it was just a burn) where the dress was - and not on my bare skin.


-- lee katman (, June 06, 2001.

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