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is anyone willing to post several images to compare the output? Like RGB on coated paper next to a Quadtratone on glossy; RGB on Concorde Rag next to a Quadratone on Concorde; etc....

-- Marcelina Martin (, September 22, 1999


I'm not sure that you'd get much out of it. I just saw such a comparison at a site, and I'll email you the url tommorow when I get to work.

I've just gone through 50 sheets of Concord Rag printing with MIS Quadtone inks on an Epson 3000 printer. I can only compare them to prints I've made on a ColorSpan giclee maker. The biggest difference is that the images from the epson are very neutral, no color casts to speak of. The images compare favorably with fine offset quad printing, although the matte surface of the Concord paper does not yield as deep a perceived black. I haven't put a print on a densitometer yet to compare it to the book, but I'll eventually get to it.

The process did take a lot of fooling around, and each image seems to need its own particular correction curve. I think overall, the process yields really nice prints, but at the expense of an awkward interface. It just seems like there are too many things too tweak. I think it can be simplified, and would benefit from this.

By the way, I'll be trying some Ilford glossy stock next week. I'll post the results here on the forum. I'll also try to do a comparison of the Ilford and Concorde papers.

-- Marc Sitkin (, September 22, 1999.

Go to this site. In addition to some technical info, there are some images that offer comparison between rgb and quadtone images.

-- Marc Sitkin (, September 23, 1999.

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