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Ok just bought a Samsung Dvd 709, and to my dismay only my original Vcds worked on it. None of the Cdrs that Ive done myself want to work.

Ok so i dig around a bit and try reburning one onto a CdRw, this works!

So the question now is what exactly are the type of cds that original Vcds are burned onto? And if I get some will they work?

The whole problem seems to be something to do with the type of cdr being used.

Lastly someone on suggested spray painting a normal cdr (topside) with chrome paint to make them more reflective.


Anything useful you lot could tell me would be great.


-- vax (, September 22, 1999


You're having a rather typical problem, which is that most DVD players are not capable of reading all CD-R media. It is, unfortunately, your player. Check this web page out for details...

-- Jim B (, September 22, 1999.

ok, but has anyone here got any particular brands of normal cdr working on a samsung dvd?

-- vax (, September 22, 1999.

I have had more success with printable CD-R's. They have a coating that is white and allows direct inkjet printing (not sure how that can be done) perhaps the coating is similar to a coat of paint.

As a matter of interest the web site noted above contains information on media which is not always available everywhere on the planet, certainly not down-under and maybe not in the UK. The same applies to the model numbers, Australia in particular is usually a dumping ground for old out dated equipment.

During the process of testing dvd players before I purchased (for 6 weeks) I found that even the Sony 7700, at 3 times the price of what I finally purchased, would only play my Printable Mutsui Gold out of a total of 6. I selected the Philips 725 as it played all 6 brands, the only one I tested that did so. I would have prefered a Pioneer that most rave about but it jumbled the audio and only played my Printables correctly. I now only use, until a better one is found, Printable SKC's and the Printable Mutsui Gold.

I had general success with the initial tests done with a CD-RW and thought it was going to be easy, the printables performed equally as well in my tests.

-- Ross McL (, September 22, 1999.

Success, burned at 1 times speed (perhaps more, i aint tried) "samsung silver" do the job.

Now just to reburn 80 odd cdrs......

let me know if you find any other compatible types ok?

-- vax (, September 24, 1999.

I have had 1 success with the DVD player that you are using. I burnt at 4x using unbranded media. I now have branded media and they are no good at all. The trouble is that I cannot find the same brand of CDR that I had originally. So, I too am now on the same quest that you are

-- Bradley (, November 04, 1999.

Hi Bradley, I've used quite a number of different media and foud that my DVD player doesn't like the gold media. burn the blue/green media at 8x and it works fine. :) :) M

-- Matthew (, January 15, 2003.

ok if anybody has any issues about cd-r or cdrw's then its no problem ye sthe problem is that the cd-rs are not compatible because they are not reflective enough.. if you put your cd-rw and your cdr against the window you will see that the cdr is less see through.. that is because it is more reflective.. so how to get a more reflective cd? 2 ways... 1) spray paint the top of the cd with chrome spray paint. 2) use one of these type of cd's... Memorex CD-R Professional Pine - some people swear by these Samsung (most types, including 80 minute and CD-RW) - Samsung seems to be the best overall bet Sirius 74m & 80m - seem to work well (check your local computer fair) Traxdata 74m silver and 80m silver

for best results use cdrwin or nero and burn at 1X using disc at once.. personally i use an image drive and burn the image from the virtual drive onto a cd at 12x and they work just fine ;)

-- balal arif (, July 09, 2003.

I spent a lot of time, effort and cash and found only two brands in the UK would work - One is Vivastar which should be available worldwide, the other is Paradox. Vivastar are preferable though expensive. Both work fine with Audio and as VCDs.

-- Junk (, January 27, 2004.

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