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when i try to upload a game it take ages to get tru and when i dont set a inp file then it works how does that come i have some great high-scores and i cant up load them

-- herzeel elie (, September 22, 1999


Do you get an error message?

-- Dave Kaupp (, September 22, 1999. is not very stable at the moment, all we ask is to keep patience and keep trying, eventually you should be able to download. and perhaps you are getting an error message that is wanting to be displayed to you right before a shutdown. sometimes you mistype the game name or such and such, but if your on at a stable time you should see the error page and be able to correct it and retry while the site is still up :)

keep trying, we want to see those scores!

-- Chad (, September 23, 1999.

i get the this message if i wait long enough internal server error

-- herzeel elie (, September 23, 1999.

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