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I found a posting in my calendar on August 17, 1999 that said St. Francis made a prediction that within "the next 10 days there would be BIG earthquakes in Argentina, Mexico, CA, and/or Thailand". Well...???

Just a word...I recently heard a statistic--98% of predictions made by the top 10 psychics are incorrect. So you can imagine if theirs are that bad and they still make headlines, how bad are the predictions of the rest of the world. The same person quoting the statistic went on to describe numerous "prophets" who made major religious predictions as to when certain events were to occur. Of course, they were all wrong and the people may be gone or even still in the limelight (even though they were wrong). (Just look at the Jehovah's Witnesses--they have posted many many predictions that have proven false yet they have an amazing conversion rate.) When folks make predictions on the web and they are wrong, the web sites and the people often disappear.

Many of us are feeling insecure about next year and what may come. We are looking to find answers, possibly have our fears calmed. We hear all kinds of predictions, premonitions, feelings, and prophecies. Unless you hear it or know it first hand, don't let it ruin your day and don't stake your financial or personal future on it. (I am not referring to Y2K facts/statistics, just the non-factual type of "feeling" or prediction.)

If Francis (probably a very well meaning intelligent person) can be wrong--so can alot of people. Just beware.

-- tt (, September 22, 1999


Several of us were waiting until August 27 to see if the earth did move with great force per St. Francis' prediction. Anyone can predict anything, but when it doesn't come to pass, you feel like a fool. Isn't this the same as what people are PREDICTING will happen with Y2K? A lot of predicting is going on and the disclaimer is "NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE." So, with the information you have before you tt, are you planning for a 0 or somewhere inbetween and based on what? Y2K is a little bit different than predicting what mother nature is going to do.

-- no kidding (, September 22, 1999.

So, he was a month off and a country away from where the earthquake came... I don't consider that incorrect. I consider your response to be quibbling.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 22, 1999.

So, he was a month off and a country away from where the earthquake came... I don't consider that incorrect.

Wow, I wish I had you for a teacher back in school.

Mara: What country gave us the Statue of Liberty?

Me: Uh, Spain.

Mara: Well, no, but you're only a country away, so I don't consider that incorrect.

Me: Woohoooo!!!!

Here's the deal. St. Francis was wrong. He made a prediction, and it didn't happen. That's the way it goes with predictions sometimes. Get used to it.

And by the way, his last predicted location for the quake was in the Yuchatan, which is a bit more than "a country away".

-- (sorry@try.again), September 22, 1999.

excuse me mara...there are at least six components on ST. Francis' prediction--timeframe (1 month), 4 specific countries, and BIG. now you tell me...on which part was he correct? quibbling!? remember, i am not picking on him--i actually made some kind comments--so what is your problem? are you one of those people that like to avoid the truth if it will hurt someone's feelings or makes you uncomfortable? that will get you into a lot of trouble. people may like you and you may feel all warm and nice but what good are you doing people in the long run?

regarding my level of prep--i am preparing for a solid six months plus procuring things that will allow my family to be more self sufficient if disruptions linger and making some efforts that can benefit my neighbors as well. i wouldn't dare predict any level of severity and that is exactly why i am preparing the way i am. i guess because there is too little real/credible information being shared so why not be ready. costs me nothing to be wrong.

-- tt (, September 23, 1999.

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