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Law enforcement computer system behind schedule LITCHFIELD 9/22/99 - A process to revise the software on about 25 computers in the Meeker County Sheriff's Department and Litchfield Police Department is eight months behind schedule.

The Meeker County commissioners discussed the delay during their meeting Tuesday.

Paul Virnig, county coordinator, said the $120,000 system was supposed to have been installed in April.

The county and city had signed a joint contract with CIS (Computer Information System) in December to make the computers in the two law enforcement agencies and the jail Y2K compliant. The current software system is not able to handle the Y2K change.

Virnig said the delay is causing problems and that the county is looking into possible options.

The commissioners also agreed to purchase a used van for the purpose of transporting prisoners from counties who want to house inmates in the Meeker County Jail.

Currently, Kandiyohi County pays for jail space in Meeker County until their own new jail is completed. The commissioners discussed ways to make up that lost revenue by boarding prisoners from other counties.

Providing transportation service could help Meeker County keep a full roster of boarded prisoners in the jail.

Meeker County is looking specifically at Hennepin County as a customer for boarding prisoners. Hennepin County may also pay to have the prisoners picked up and brought to Meeker County in the van.

- By Carolyn Lange

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 22, 1999


This is a good example of how small towns and organizations are double-whammied by the expense and delay aspects of Y2K. Local taxpayers will have to foot the bill just as they do for the Federal job. Expense alone has made this a real bitch.

-- Forrest Covington (, September 24, 1999.

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