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We are a large non-hybrid seed distributor who is also Preparing our family for inevitable disruptions. We are interested in trading non-hybrid seeds (vegetables, fruit, grains, culinary and medicinal herbs) for many preparedness items. We have made many trades so far that have been very helpful for us and our trading partners. Particularly interested in wood stoves, solar components, hand operates devices, although all suggestions are welcome.

Regulars on this board please dont flame us. This is not an advertisement, it is a genuine offer to trade valuable items we have for valuable items other people have. We are starting a new thread because time is short and we need to move quickly. All communication regarding these trades will be conducted off-line from this board.

We have successfully traded for books, medical supplies, grain grinders, water purifiers, and other things. All ideas are welcome. Lets trade stuff and help each other prepare.

Thanks. Please e-mail me at msmy2k@aol.com

-- Seedman (msmy2k@aol.com), September 22, 1999

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