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a failure to submit accurate taxpayer identification numbers (social security numbers for individuals). In what format was the list of deficient data items? It was in the form of a TAPE. The State Agency is trying to find a machine old enough to have the capability to read the old tape so that it can respond to IRS with the corrected data. If anyone in North Florida has one of these, please respond to this thread and I will pass the word to meet the 45 day deadline. This is incredible. That tape thingy must be 40 years old and probably would qualify for inclusion in a museum some place. Does IRS think that other Government Agencies are as far behind as they are? I feel sorry for the IRS employees who are forced to try to work with this sorry equipment. This stuff may be older than the FAA 3032 radars that can not be fixed after 2008.

-- Moe (Moe@3stooges.gom), September 21, 1999


45 day deadline huh? See if you can get an extension. 100 days and you're in the clear.

Tell 'em your working on it. Real soon now.

-- Linda (, September 21, 1999.

Shouldn't be too hard, since the IRS has required every corporation I've worked for to submit one of those "tape thingy's" for 1099 payments, every year.

-- Hoffmeister (, September 21, 1999.

Hey Hoff, what IS a "tape thingy" ??

I'm just curious....LOL

-- Brent James Bushardt (, September 21, 1999.

When you get the tape thingy, be sure to store all the tapes next to a strong magnet thingy. Put them in the bass woofer box in your car and drive around playing a lot of RUN DMC.

-- Forrest Covington (, September 21, 1999.


-- Sharon (, September 22, 1999.

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