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((I know...I know...what can I expect from AOL? Don't feel a need to flame's unfortunate that now clients have come to depend on this account. I'm looking for answers from fellow AOLers.))

For some strange reason today at 3 different times when I've tried to sign on I am kicked off with a message saying my account is invalid. Then, after a few moments of trying I am finally allowed in. Very, very strange. I have never had this happen before.

In fact, I never actually have any problems signing on regardless of traffic volume or time of day.

With recent electronic banking problems I'm wondering if the network isn't getting a little screwy.

Is anyone else having trouble?



-- Michael Taylor (, September 21, 1999


Yes, I have not been able to enter Michael Hyatt's forum, the Gary North site and had difficulty entering this site. Is this selective blackout

-- Ruth Edwards (, September 21, 1999.

notice that graphics are absent on this site? they are also absent on usa today and other sites i've just tried to access. what gives?


-- corrine l (, September 21, 1999.


Last nite (Monday) around 6 to 9 pm. west coast time, I couldn't get a tone to get in to AOL for that period. Kept trying and finally got in, AOL couldn't help. It was like the signal was out searching for a connect somewhere that wasn't there.!!! Had no problems all day Monday or today, HUH! better get back to the store. The acronym the American people will soon love to hate "JIT".

-- uhoh (, September 21, 1999.

It's simple: AOL SUCKS.

Sorry, it had to be said.

-- semper paratus (almost@always.ready), September 21, 1999.

Michael, my mother is another AOL'er and she had the exact same problem you did several days ago.

We never did figure out what the deal was.

-- Wilferd (, September 21, 1999.

Thanks all... I'm still running into interesting trouble. Maybe it's the weather.

lol semper paratus... no need to apologize for stating the obvious : )

What blows my mind is the stock keeps rising. Are people insane?



-- Michael Taylor (, September 21, 1999.

Not having any problems with AOHELL today. Am always just happy when I can log on at all. No prob reaching Scary Gary's site.

-- R (, September 21, 1999.

Michael, I gave up on using AOL for business about 30 days after I bailed from the corporate world and started consulting. Almost every attachment ended up in a mime format and had to be unzipped. I ended up going with Worldnet.ATT.Net and use a TCPIP connection over to AOL. It is called BYOA and costs about $9.95 per month. Worldnet is about $22. Service has been more reliable and Worldnet can be configured to work with Microsoft Outlook and handles mega files with ease. I use AOL for personal stuff, investing, cruising Y2K bookmarks, etc. The rest is for business. Good luck

-- Nancy (, September 21, 1999.


I haven't had any of the problems that you have had. I have had the problem that started with the MCI computer failure. From time to time I can't use my 56K connection. Fortunately, I have saved a number for a lower speed connection and it always works.

Best wishes,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, September 21, 1999.

I could not log on this afternoon, whatsoever. I went through all the numbers in NYC and then started on Miami and San Francisco. Yes, I was desperate. Then, finally an AOL guy helped me reset the software. NOw I am happily in cyberspace. Oh, thank God!!!

-- Mara Wayne (, September 21, 1999.

Nancy, I'm just about to make that leap myself. Aside from the business clients being aclimated to sending me email over this account my wife uses the account as well.

I just got off the phone with AOL after finally reaching the end of my patience. After having this same problem happen at least 12 times today I broke down and called...what an absolute joke.

First I explained that I was getting an "invalid account" message but after a few tries the system would let me sign on. His reasoning for the "invalid account" message and then the system allowing me on was that the system was "alerting me to a problem with my information". Yeah, right. After my explaning to the guy that this made no sense he finally verified that my billing information was correct and current. He then suggested I call tech support.

Uh, huh? I explained to him that this was a system problem and not any issue I could solve on my end. He didn't get it and remained clueless. I suggested that it was he who should call his system people and alert them to the problem. " have to call tech support, I can't do that" was his reply. I terminated the call.

Customer service...what a joy.

AOL is having difficulty right now and I honestly don't know what that means. It is, however, interesting. I wonder how many other people have gone through this situation today and simply decided that calling about the problem was simply a waste of time.



-- Michael Taylor (, September 21, 1999.


Had a similar problem with aol on tues. Was happily surfing along, when I got the 'connection with aol has been lost' message. Tried several times to re-connect, and got the message 'another user is currently logged on with your name and account'.


I figured they somehow found out that I was about to jump ship over to Mindspring, which I am.


-- Pinkrock (, September 22, 1999.

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