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I'd like to start a thread here......

Just simple tips on cooking with all that stored food we've got shoved into the basement, under the bed, in the closet, above the rafters, in the garage, and running wild in the backyard chicken pen.

I'll throw out one:

Wheat does NOT have to be ground to be eaten. It can be cooked just like rice, only longer, and eaten as a side dish. It takes up any flavor you throw in the water you cook it in. One of my favorite tricks (I now keep a jar of whole wheat next to the stove) is to dump a handful of wheat in my soups and stews. When fully cooked they are rich, flavorful, and very filling. The soups cook up smooth and VERY rich to the taste. YUm!

-- Art Welling (, September 21, 1999


The same is true for Soy Beans. I soak them overnight and cook them slowly for a great breakfast cereal, add honey and milk and tastes yummy!

The powdered cheese has so many uses you would need a L-O-N-G thread. I have been thinking this could be a great item to entice kids to eat the veggies (drizzle cheese over them). In all those rice and bean casseroles. Make an impromptu fondu, get creative!

Thanks for the thread, good idea, I'll be checking back a lot as I need some good ideas.

-- Sammie Davis (, September 21, 1999.

One trick (that I admit I haven't tried, because it is difficult to get wheat here on Kaua'i) is to put a handfull of wheat into a thermos bottle with some dried milk. Add boiling water, and let sit overnight. Add brown sugar and raisins...and a have a hot, tasty, nutritious breakfast.

-- Mad Monk (, September 21, 1999.

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