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I know this is off-topic, but it does fit into the many threads over the past few months. I am posting this only because I have felt that the children shootings (high schools, day-care and now church) were influenced by a mix of psycho-drugs and psychological manipulation. Here are letters (posted via Matt Drudge) that the church killer had written (?) to a newspaper. It confirms my belief that these EVIL acts were assisted by others who wish for "change" in public opinion. There is little "we" can do and it only re-affirms our "tinfoil" attitude that "we" are being screwed with.

Trust NOTHING but your intuition. _________________


Larry Gene Ashbrook, the man who slaughtered seven parishioners at the Wedgwood Baptist Church Wednesday evening, sent two letters to the FORT-WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM over the summer -- letters the paper plans to reprint in Friday editions!

The STAR-TELEGRAM'S Karen Rouse reports that the letters describe "bizarre tales of encounters with the Central Intelligence Agency, psychological warfare, assaults by co-workers and druggings by police."

Stephen Kaye, a city editor and one who received the letters, said on Thursday that they contained "outlandish things", and described the letters as "hard to follow."

"My immediate reaction was that there was not much we could do for him."

Ashbrook even came by the STAR-TELEGRAM's offices and visited Kaye -- who described the killer as "the opposite of someone you'd be concerned about... He couldn't have been any nicer."

The eerie letters, which are dated July 31 and August 10, were handed over to the Ft. Worth police on Thursday.


City editor Stephen Kaye Fort Worth Star-Telegram 400 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, Texas, 76102 July 31, 1999


I am interested in relating to you some events I have experienced. If these events are true, then they would indicate a serious injustice against me. Specifically: the denial of due process for me in the investigation of me as a suspected serial murderer. I use the term -investigation- loosely. It was not so much an investigation as it was a continuous intereference in my life and employment for a period of possibly twenty years.

Three operative terms apply to this situation: First; rumor control, this was one method by which those investigating me used to create problems for me: Second: Psychological warfare, this was the general mode of of operation: Third: Plausible deniability, the ideas those involved would proffer in order to divert blame from themselves.

The first experience I had which became a clue to my future problems occured in July of -79.- Soon after reporting to a deployment site with the U.S. Navy squadron, I attended a social event. While there I was pulled aside by a young man who was in that squadron and he asked me some odd questions. The questions involved the murder of someone I had no knowledge of. The tone of his questions became almost accusatory. This was the first of three similar events which occured during my active duty with the Navy from -79- to -83.- What I eventually began to wonder was if there were any reason for me to be a suspect in any murder. As I now know, there were several abductions or murders of young women in Fort Worth and Arlington during the -70s- when I lived in the area.

After I moved back to Fort Worth in -84- the odd events became a major problem in my life and occurred both on and off the job. The seriousness of the events and the humiliation I sufered made it impossible for me to keep a job.

The most pronounced situation began soon after I began work at the Photo-Etch Company in 1986. Shortly after I was hired as a machinist I was put on the evening shift with another employee who was hired about a week after me. We were the only workers at the company during that shift. At some point around September of that year in the evening I was taking a break when the other employee walked up to me and made a somewhat veiled indirect threat. It went like this: -I have a lot of friends on the police force, in fact I know a woman police officer who can kick your (deleted) all over the place.- This was the beginning of continuous troubles on the job at that company. When I attempted to remedy the problems through the proper channels I got no where. The troubles included minor physical abuse and general disrespect by another employee.

Eventually after about six months of the situation I was visited by the owners son. He identified himself as the one who oversees the machine shop (even though I had never met him) and he called me a liar concerning what was happening on the job. It was obvious then that there was nothing I could do to remedy the situation and I quit to look for another job.

During the period of unemployment that ensued the most blatant event occurred. At that time in my life I was not dating, socializing or spending much time with others. One evening I decided to go out for a beer and I ended up at a nightclub on East Lancaster. After I had been there for a few minutes a man came and sat next to me at the bar. All that I recall of him is that he talked about he had been in the U.S. Army special forces. During the time we talked I began to feel slightly sick so I went to the restroom. After a short time I felt better; however as I returned to my seat I became very dizzy and passed out. Never before had I experienced such an event. I was partically concious and was aware that I as dragged out to the back of the bar by several men. Eventually I told them that I believed that I had been durgged and would they call the police. -We are the police- was one man's reply. I was held against the wall with one mans hand around my throat for several minutes. During that time I described for them the man who had been sitting next to me. If they did search for him they didn't find him. After a while I felt better and left. Had I been at the east Fort Worth bar that Linda Taylor was abducted from by Farryion Wardrip two years earlier? I have other reasons for suspecting this.

The next job I had I was fired from, for no valid reason, one week after the abduction of Wendy Robinson from Lake Weatherford. I believe there was a connection.

In 1987, around the late summer, I began to seek the audience of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I certainly had reason to believe I was being targeted by some investigative group. I was unable to get an agent over the phone as the young woman who was answering the phones would not connect me with one for reasons I've never understood. By June -88- I decide to pay a visit to the FBI office in person. I went to the down town Fort Worth Federal Court House third floor office of the FBI and asked to speak with an agent. An agent, I will not list his name here, invited me to sit in his office and he would hear what I had to say. The problem, though, is that he listened for about one minute then stood-up and told me that I would be -contacted.- I did not believe him though. I shook his hand and left.

Within about ten days I began to be visited by a person from the neighborhood whom I had only been slightly acquainted with years earlier. During the course of our initial, short, conversations he asked me if I would be a -designated- driver for him and his brother some time. I told him that I was uninterested. He continued to come around for several weeks with the same request until my interest was piqued and I consented to be his designated driver so that he and his brother could visit a bar.

Beginning in late June I went to his house to pick him up and take him to the bar he wanted to go to. We started out with him directing me to go toward west Fort Worth on Loop 820. When we got all the way around to the west side of -820- he began discussing with his brother which bar to go to. Evenutally they settled on a bar on Highway 180 even though we already exited on to Route 199. After turning around and getting to -80- my passengers decided they didn't want to go there either. I then took them home. To make a long story short: in the foolowing year up to April of -89- I continued to go over to this persons house after he would call me. There were two recurrent phrases that continued to come up in various conversations with him. The first was that he -was going to do a cemetary job.- Initially when I asked what he meant he said that he did lawn maintenance at a cemetary. Then he would cite this quote which he said went back to someone else: -Live by cancer, die by cancer.- All he meant by this, he would say, ws that he was of the zodiac sign of the cancer and that so was I. This relationship continued until the day of Rick Green's arrest for the murders of several people in west Fort Worth. When I called him up several times after Green's arrest I was told by someone else that he was at -another location.-He did not contact me again.

The possible connection is this: Ricky Green abducted two women from a bar on -199.- Wendy Robinson was abducted from Lake Weatherford which is near -180.- Was the drive my acquiantances took me on supposed to be a test of some sort? I believe it was.

After Ricky Greens arrest I realized the reasons for my troubles. There was no doubt. However; I could not forsee, at that time, that there was another serial murderer, Faryion Waldrip, who fit the same physical description of both Green and myself.

What could I have done about it? I tried for months to find a lawyer who might make a case for me. After a year or so it was evident no lawyers were going to be interested. Then I began making contact with the media. I contacted three newspapers: The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Times Herald and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. All with no result. I contacted each of the network TV station affiliate news rooms. None were interested. During one conversation with a TV news anchor he asked me an odd question: -Didn't you recently get out of the military.-Certainly that struck me as a very strange or evne suspicious question for him to ask. Why would he possibly think that I had been in the military?

I have sought the assistance of many different people. I could relate many more events that indicate that I was targeted as a suspected serial murderer. There are many names of people whom I could identify as being a party to the events. If just one individual admitted, for there part what I allege, then I believe the others would begin to be proven.

What I am asking is for you to investigate and tell my story.


Larry Ashbrook


City Editor Stephen Kaye The Fort Worth Star-Telegram 400 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, Texas 76102 August 10, 1999


This communication is an addendum to the July 31 letter. It is obvious that you are uninterested in my story. Therefore, I find it necessary to amplify certain aspects of it.

Consider one of three situations I experienced where people I had never met volunteered that they were either former Central Intelligence Agency employees or were laision with the CIA while they were in the military.

In 1987, after being fired from the company I worked for in July, as I related earlier, I got a job with a forging company in Fort Worth. On the morning I reported to that company I aws to be indoctrinated into the opearations of the machine shop by the shop foreman. Unfortunately, it was not so much an indocrination as it was a recounting of the mans exploits in Viet Nam. Particularly his story was about how he worked laision with the CIA and his exploits included special forces operations which entailed assissination of enemy political units. This lecture lasted the entire morning. From eight until lunchtime.

If this were the only time I had ever encountered someone who voluntered such a story I would think nothing of it. However, since it is one of three encounters and since it falls within the time period that I am certain that I was being targeted as a suspected serial murderer, then I must consider it a relevant part of my situation. My employment at this company eventually became impossible and I quit. Not because I could not work with them but because they did not want to work with me.

Without belaboring the point with my experiences, I will call to your attention two stories that have come out of the news in the last decade. The first involved the Tarrant County Sheriffs Department. I believe the year was 1991; and in that year there was a situation which came to light in which it was found that reserve deputies with the sheriffs department, who were full time U.S. Airforce personel, were also discovered to be affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. What I particularly recall is that when one of those involved personel was interviewed on TV (KXAS Channel 5, NBC affiliate) he directly stated that they were involved in -going after child abductors.- Amy Robinson's abductor perhaps?

The second also involved the sheriff's department. The year was, I believe, -95- or -96.- The story that came out disclosed that an individual or individuals within the department had had, for some time, a web site that contained the dossier's of suspects in a criminal investigation. These files were being made available to civilians so as to enable them to aid in the -criminal- investigations. The implication of this should be obvious with regard to my allegations.

What I must wonder about is the reason that no news reporting agency, particularly yours, is interested in this story. Is it because you think it implausible or unimportant? Is it because the general political climate in Fort Worth is not conducive to such a story? Or is there a clue in the words of John Chriswell, then news anchor for the CBS affiliate, when he asked me, as I was attempting to explain my situation: -Didn't you just get out of the military?-

It is apparent to me that the suspicions against me have been widely disseminated. I believe that there are a few individuals who would realize no damage to themselves if they admitted to the truth regarding my allegations.

With all due respect,

Larry Ashbrook

-- dw (, September 20, 1999



-- watchin the prophecy happen. (, September 21, 1999.

Which prophecy is this that are you watching happen?

-- Curious (curio@cur.ious), September 21, 1999.

I read an article a couple of months ago , describing 500 or so people who are "programmed" to commit such acts. I can't do the article justice, however, a couple of things to keep in mind; these incidents have become more frequent and regular in the last seven years, and the author says to watch for them to get more frequent and bloodier in the future, until there is a public outcry to repeal the 2nd amendment. Pay attention to who says what after each incident. The author went into detail as to the training and different levels of programing these "zombies" have. It would be interesting to see a list of these same types of events.

-- King of Free Estimates (your@town.USA), September 21, 1999.

There have been reports of experiments in various kinds of mind control for years. One report on the net stated that several inmates of prisons were implanted with a chip which would allow the handlers to modify the prisoners' mental state by means of various frequencies, in addition to evesdropping on their conversations, and tracking their locations.

Can't prove it, but it fits with the kinds of things that TPTB would like to do.

sounds scarey to me.

-- worried (suspicious@doubtit.really), September 21, 1999.

It won't be the people who will be calling for the end of the 2nd amendment. It will be the media claiming to be the voice of the people who will be calling for an end to the 2nd.

Interesting times, indeed.

-- Tim the Y2K nut (, September 21, 1999.

In response to this thread, and before people begin taunting it...To chart the past years worth of 'homicidal gunmen' is to chart a very obvious trend.

The first headline grabber was Columbine. Make us fearful of and for our teenage children.

Then, the attack of the Day Trader. Make you uncomfortable and fearful in the office/city environment.

The next, go after the little Jewish Children at the daycare center. Scratch your head and wonder "Is there nowhere safe?"

Then, the latest. A lone nut job goes after a churchload of Christians and hoses with more gunfire. Make you despondant, and figure that "There IS no place safe.

Have you spotted the trend? After each attack 'they' (the media) put the spin to make it sound like each individual group was under attack. "The Anti-Semite Hate Groups!" "The Christian Haters!" "Psycho Teens running Amuck!" Each of these incidents, when taken singly, makes a tradgedy. Each one, looked at as a group, makes me wonder "Are the tinfoils right?" Especially how quickly the media dropped the story of the 'Mad Anti-Semite' when it was revealed his ties to the NSA and the .gov! Makes you wonder if Mulder could be right... and if so...why?

-- Dr. Moreau (Where@the Wild Things.are), September 21, 1999.

I'll make a prediction that within 2-3 months, we will see a -beloved- public figure assasinated, publicly, with another lone gunman as the charachter, with even stronger calls for gun control. (Sorry for the broken thread)

-- Dr. Moreau (Where@the Wild Things.are), September 21, 1999.

-- notme (, September 21, 1999.

This guy, as any guy who would murder innocent kids, was a sad case. When I read the alleged letters, what I see is a long term of paranoia with the guy reading into events what would support his beliefs. Is it possible that there are such things going on? Anythings possible...but likely?...I say no. I also suspect his rampage had a lot more to do with the prospect of economic destitution since his father, and means of support, died recently and his prospects -- at least in his mind -- since the world was against him -- seemed non existant, since of course, the CIA, NSA, XWY or whoever would not "let" him work...than it did with the gubmint calling him up and giving him "orders" to kill a bunch of innocent kids so they could get a gun law passed. Some of you people are something else...sad....

I read the words of a paranoid, building "evidence" that TPTB are out to get him/do him in..or is it to "use him" as a "secret agent"? What's sad to me is that he most likely would have found a nice "home" here at STINKBOMB 2000. Lots of "kindred souls" offering support and encouragement....good thing he probably never heard of this place, though....or some of you might have had a little "Frankenstein" to mold and shape and wind up and send out...with glee, I sadly "get them" before they "get you".

My point is this. Mental problems are very real. There are lots of unstable folks with dangerous tendices out there. I sadly suspect that the kind of anti-gubmint and anti-society type inflamitory rhetoric here, such as "look for strong branches" and "get rope" might just give rise to some literal actions from some of these folks. Question is, I wonder how many of you doomers would be ashamed of yourselves...probably not many, I suspect. Think about it...but I also suspect my words won't have much affect, either. You anti- types get too much glee from your venting, I suspect. Any of you see the 60 minutes segment of the guy who shot up the capital building last year? Think about someone like that reading what you post here....think.

-- Genius (, September 21, 1999.


"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."

It's the creed of an ape.


-- Liberty (, September 21, 1999.


They are watching ALL of the "prophesies" least until they don't happen. OOPS! Got to qualify my statement.

They are watching ALL of the NEGATIVE ones NOT HAPPEN...must be heartbraking for the "true believers" here, huh? Bet the percentage of time spent watching any "good" ones "unfold" is pretty small!!!

That's the way it is, 12 days after 9-9-99 at STINKBOMB 2000.

-- Genius (, September 21, 1999.


If you can't see that that guy was suffering from mental problems, and that the odds of him being a gubmint pawn are nill, you need to go to the nearest toilet, stick your head ALL the way in and FLUSH!!! Try twice a day. Adjust frequency as needed.

-- Genius (, September 21, 1999.


We all know that the government has conducted brutal experiments in mind-control, using drugs, hypnosis and isolation on unwilling and unwitting subjects. Canadian victims of the US project MK ULTRA actually obtained a financial settlement when they sued the U.S. government for, essentially, destroying their minds. They purpose of such research (alleged to be ongoing) is to obtain spies with total recall, assassins with no memory of their work and hence no remorse, etc.; there are many possibilities. I would like to be as dismissive of "government mind control" as you are, but the actions of my own government make this impossible for me.

Note the frequency of these assassinations in the Clinton presidency - it is an anomalous trend, by the most conservative definition. Note the political use that is being made of these assassinations: an attempt to legislate the 2nd Amendment into insignificance. Janet Reno called for "a permanent solution to the gun problem" after this latest church shooting. Of course, the statistics, that show violent crime dropping when concealed carry laws are passed, is ignored. As are the stats that show violence going up when gun ownership is limited (violent crime up 40% in Australia, after the govt took everything but their squirt guns). No, they want our guns and will do anything to get them, facts -and innocent lives- be damned. We may never know if any of these shooters (all ex-military or with military connections, all on either ritalin or prozac, all having been subject to "psychiatric treatment" - often at the hands of psychologists who were military or had connections with the military) were mind-controlled like the Canadian test subjects who won the lawsuit against our government. But we can't rule it out. Not if we're honest, and even marginally informed on the subject.

You may succeed in flushing me down the toilet. You may not. But you can't flush the truth down the toilet. It will follow you everywhere you go. To the grave, and beyond.


-- Liberty (, September 21, 1999.

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