Water filters tested

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As the days dwindle down, to a precious few, September....November.

The Arizona Republic tested some of the less expensive filters which I see in the $40. price range at stores like WalMart and Walgreens. Pur came in best for the price by filtering out 100% of the organic compounds in Phoenix water.

I have 3 different filters including Pur, plus drops, tablets, clorox, and I will boil if necessary.

We all MUST have SAFE water to drink!

Anyone that lives within 5 miles of a pig farm (swine waste lagoon) is toast!

-- rb (ronbanks_2000@yahoo.com), September 20, 1999


rb, that reminds me, I heard one of the most inane comparisons I've ever heard on our local TV news tonight. The ditzy anchor said that around 500,000 pigs had drowned in the NC floods and, "if you laid them end to end in three lines, they would stretch from Raleigh to Wilmington."

I have a couple of those siphon filters from RealGoods plus Pur gravity filters and the two rain barrels. I think I need more filters.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), September 21, 1999.

Old Git, I couldn't agree more. I've got a Katedyne Combie, Pur hiker and just ordered a Berkefield (all with extra filters) I got 25,000 gallons sitting in the back yard and I sure would hate not to be able to drink it.

-- DuffyO (duffyo@mailcity.com), September 21, 1999.

Any of you folks ever had the outflow of your filters tested? I wish I wouldn't have. I tested the water which I had filtered through my Kataadyne, and it failed the coliform test :( Now I don't know if it was my sampling technique, lab error, or bad filter. The test cost $35, and I don't want to do it again (and again..)


-- Al K. Lloyd (all@ready.now), September 22, 1999.

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