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Tonight I downloaded a good few INP

-- Alex Weir (alexweir@indigo.ie), September 20, 1999


Sorry about that. Pressed the wrong button. I downloaded a few INP`s tonight, of games that I like. None of them played back correctly. I tried the top scores on Lifeforce ( Ken + Game Guru ) ,and they only played back to 270k + 72k respectively. The same with Tommi`s scores on Tron + Marble Madness..and Phil`s score on HyperSports....they just would`nt play back right. Compared to Donuts` score on Burgertime which played back fine , plus a good few others that played fine also. I understand also that a score I submitted for " Rainbow Islands " doesn`t play back fully either ? Is it a known problem with INP`s or is it the fact that I am doing something wrong. I`ve tried the "sound off " thingy, but I get the same result. Or is it the non- compatibility of MAME versions? As a non-techie head....I really don`t know. I use MAME 35 Final btw. I would love to know if I`m missing something , or whether it`s a known problem. Because I`d really like to watch those recordings. Be grateful for any input.

Regards, ALEX

-- Alex Weir (alexweir@indigo.ie), September 20, 1999.

Different versions of MAME are a major pain, believe me I know. I have ALMOST every version of mame which supports INPs, and I always try to use exactly the same version when doing a verify.

For example, a Mario Bros INP I verified uses win35 beta 3. _NO_ _OTHER_ _VERSION_ would replay it except for win95 beta 3.

Same with Carnival, only worse. Only one version will even record at all, and that's 33 beta 4.

Sometimes another version will work, say m36b3 and m36b4 will both work for a given INP. With Punchout and Super Punchout the only way I can get them to playback is without sound. It helps a lot when the players put a little readme file detailing all the specifics.

-- Mark Longridge (cubeman@iname.com), September 20, 1999.

yep, as Mark says, always remember that mame "changes" every version. so a recording recorded with old technology (beta) might not playback with new technology (vhs), maybe that's too much of an old folks reference. I think there is a playback guide you can click on in the banner labeled "Help", that gives you nearly all the information you need to know.

Also, if you look at the confirmed status (green=notConfirmed, orange=confirmed), if it's orange there's a 99% chance that it WILL playback if you use the same mame version and options. Unfortunatley some people (SPORTSDUDE HINT :) don't note in the upload description as to whether they use sound or not so it's sometimes a good idea to try it with/without sound if one or the other doesn't work.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), September 20, 1999.

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