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I really do not understand electricity.It just one of those subjects that I find totally baffling so here goes.We are planning on getting a 5KW generator UK version & I would like to know:

1.Can I use my (UK)computer when I'm plugged in to this power source? Will it give me "dirty power" ?

2.What precautions should I take ? Power surges /uneven power generation.

3.Can I hook up a UK configured computer to an American type ISP?

I might add that we are hoping to move to the Caribbean shortly with the computer!It will not be connected to any others so I figure I just have to change the clock ??

I really wish I could understand these things !!!!

-- ignorant (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), September 20, 1999



First look at the plugs on the UK computer, then at the outlets on the UK generator. Do they Match? If so first test passed, if not go find a generator with the right plugs.

Dirty Power? Probably, most inexpensive gensets are pretty dirty, You may want to use the DC output from the Genset to power a SINEWAVE INVERTER for your expensive electronics. Most computers are under 0.5KW, SINEWAVE INVERTERS sell for USD $50 here at local (FRY's Electronics) stores. You can power your light bulbs, motors, and "heavy" loads with the AC output of the generator.

Hope this helps, if you have more questions you can email me. I monitor the address on a regular basis.

-- helium (heliumavid@yahoo.com), September 20, 1999.

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