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Just received below in an email:

"EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a nuclear detonation within 300 miles line-of-sight will destroy unshielded electronic components. Since about 1970 Big Brother has mandated unshielded electronic components on all civilian vehicles. The only vehicles not vulnerable to EMP that I know of are all military vehicles and big diesel trucks. (Big Brother does not want 150,000,000 armed patriots cluttering up "his" highways bought with our taxes?) 1973 through 1986 GMC/Chevy pickups, Blazers and Suburbans (that can seat up to nine people) have 95% parts nterchangeability. The same carburetor, fuel pump, alternator, distributor etc fits all. Junkyards everywhere are full of old GMC/Chevy 4x4s. Avoid fuel injection. No-one can work on it. You can find an old guy in any village to rebuild your carb. I have removed my Edelbrock 1405 and rebuilt it on my tailgate. Avoid automatic transmissions. since 1970 AT vehicles will not pushstart or rollstart. No battery. No go. Standard transmission vehicles will rollstart or pushstart. An ST vehicle eqiupped with a generator (NOT an alternator) and wire-wound voltage regulator will pushstart even without a battery or starter. Why? Because a generator produces electric current when the armature turns (it is turned by the fan belt when the engine turns over). My new in 1976 GMC 4x4 3/4 ton pickup now has 200,000 miles on it. Maint=reliability. 3000miles trip in fall of 1998 no problemo. Sell your 199x Technoblitz to someone who doesn;t know better. Buy an 86 or older GMC 4x4. Keep the alternator. have an auxiliary generator and wirewound voltage regulator installed by a mechanic. Swap the ($200) HEI distributor (and its vulnerable electronic components) for a $50 points-type distributor. Now you are ready. If your alternator poops out, swap the belt to the generator, flip the switch from Alt to Gen (thsi switch isntalled by a knowledgable mechanic) and GO! No snob appeal to a 1976 GMC 4x4 pickup. 12mpg on the highway and 10 in town is bad news ------- until all the 199x Technoblitz won;t run. then you are in good shape. Why 4x4?? Because with v-bar chains on all four wheels your 4x4 will go on ice, snow and mud when nothing else can move. ( On the crosschain that goes across the tire tread there is a metal V welded in place. The V digs into the road surface. See your auto parts dealer. Insist on V-Bar chains. Don't let anyone sell you smooth-link tire chains.) In a real emergency the paved roads will be bumper-to-bumper and/or controlled by the military."

I'm automotive illiterate, so am interested to hear feedback on this.

-- Mumsie (, September 20, 1999


Well Mumsie,

The message is mostly correct, but in 1980 is when they went computerized on GM trucks when they introduced the electronic spark control. I don't know what the person who sent you this is talking about with the generator... never messed with one. It would seem that Fords of the pre-1979 era would suffice also, as there are just as many of those around. Dodges, my personal favorite, (the dogmobile is a 1975 Dodge Power Wagon, OH, OH, OH!!!) are definitely less popular.

As far as I know, NO vehicle with an automatic transmission will push start.

I don't have a clue where you could find a functional generator. Generators were phased out in the 60's, when alternators became vogue. I guess if you were really needing one, you could call an auto restoration shop like Kanter's ( and they might have something, but most people upgrade to an alternator as soon as they start on a "hot rod" project that is that old.

As far as the distributor is concerned, you can still buy new points- type distibutors.

Big diesel trucks ARE vulnerable to EMP. Diesels have been using electronic injection systems for years. Their electronics are the same as autos and light trucks.

Now, for the rebuttal....

I am sorry, if an EMP that large happens, there won't be a whole lot of ANYTHING working. No gas pumps, no electricity, nothing electrical will work, so what will be the point? Mad Max anyone?

Time to dust off the bicycle...

The tire chain thing is valid, but IMHO, ANY kind of tire chain is better than none, especially on ice or deep sand.

So there you have it... ranting and all...

watchin' the master in the garage...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, September 20, 1999.

This is a little off-topic, (no EMP), but I have been hedging my vehicular bets lately as well.

Watching the want ads, I've found a couple of used mo-peds for $350 each, and today I bought a 1981 Volkswagon pickup with a diesel engine cheap enough I could pay cash.

I don't know what will occur, but I think gasoline is going to become increasingly dear. And if gasoline is not available at all, perhaps diesel fuel will be, and the little truck may just be the neighborhood grocery-getter.

Diesel fuel stores more easily than gasoline, as well, and is less prone to vaporize, collect in the basement, and blow all your stash to Kingdom Come, when you sneak down there for a smoke.

-- Lon Frank (, September 20, 1999.


I use to carpool with an ol'sod who worked in the "stores" at the "Rad Lab" at Berekley....He went out on a few of the Pacific Expiditions to Test the Toys. Back in the 70's he related to me how supprised they were when they got back to the islands after a "test" and all of the street lights were burnt out. Seems the Long wires leading from pole to pole made for a very efficent antenana for EMP. The point being, that even LOW TECH stuff like light bulbs can fail if the voltage (and current) is high enough.

We are talking about TESLA POWER TRANSMISSION and EMP is a big way of transmitting a lot of POWER! If you can disconnect your electronics from the grid, UNPLUG and move the wire disconnect, you might just make it. If not, your computer does not need to be y2k compliant, it will be TOAST!


Things will get worse before they get better....

-- helium (, September 20, 1999.

To the best of my knowledge, diesel fuel and common household heating fuel are one and the same. Devise a method for pumping household tanks, and you have a supply of fuel.

Please correct me if I am wrong, this is something I have heard a few times, but cannot verify.

-- Mr. T (, September 21, 1999.

Ah no, diesel and home heating oil are NOT the same. Kerosene is closer to the chemical makeup of diesel #2.

watchin' the smoke...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, September 21, 1999.

I thought EMP was caused from a High Altitude nuclear detonation. At least thats what I remember reading. Check in "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" by somebody or other.


Actually I heard from a reliable source that Diesel and home heating oil are the same with the exception of a red dye in the heating oil. The red dye is detect when truckers are using heating oil diesel as diesel. That would mean it hadn't been properly taxed. (such a shame) I'll go back and look up where I got that little tid-bit from so you can chew at it if you like.

Watch six and keep your...

-- eyes_open (, September 22, 1999.

Dear Dog and other kind posters,

Thanks one and all for the feedback! I confess to barely knowing how to check my oil, but plan to forward this thread to the Big Kahuna now, and I'll let him worry about it. I'm the information collector, and he sifts and decides.

Feel free to send any and all auto advice, because we appreciate it!

-- Mumsie (, September 23, 1999.

"its The last of the V-8 interseptors" Lets take it for a rideee!! MAD MAX, Learn From it.. and live............

-- Ron (, September 23, 1999.

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