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I especially liked the the way Eddie found the denials in Greenspam's assertions about, "building inventories" vs. individual citizen, "horading". Excellent piece, and all the way down the line he found every little hole in Spammer's Spam Piece.

Folks, we don't have independent verification going on. It's a fact. All we have is the self-assessed, self-tested, self-proclaimed word of the most unreliable bunch of liars and cronies on the planet. That's it. Nothing else.

Oh, yes, we did have a, "Successful power grid test" which turned out to be walkie talkie testing. Ya, you can take that your bank.

-- mark (mark3@mindspring.com), September 20, 1999


"Never in history have so many humans trusted that few wouldn't screw up" - Ed Yardeni

-- (@ .), September 20, 1999.

lotsa lyin & dyin,but i keep tryin'to see hope for a future.all i see is prophecy unfolding'but i keep hope ing,but when i look at the WHOLE PICTURE, it sure looks bad.

-- is it just me? (dogs@zianet.com), September 20, 1999.

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