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MSNBC just showed a short interview/package with some guy from DSFX (Decision Strategies International FairFax) talking about prepping for Y2k.

Tells people to have food and supplies for at least 7 to 10 days, etc.... The "anchor" Chris Jansen (sp?) agreed with him about having preps well in advance, etc...

Our local news station had a similiar story this morning, also telling people 10 days to 2 weeks.

The numbers are going up. Its only a matter of time before this whole thing "gels" and becomes focused and EVERYONE starts telling people to prep. Only problem is that it's way too late for everyone to prep for 2 week PLUS buy things like kerosene heaters, CO detectors, 55 gallon drums, Police Scanners, etc..

Arent you glad you did your preps early?. You did do your preps early, right ??.

-- hamster (, September 20, 1999


Is this a trend, and has the green light been given to the media to recommend prepping (early) for a possible one to two weeks of problems? An Atlanta newspaper in the last few days also suggested as much as two weeks of preps and to prep early...

Greenspan spoke Friday. The President's Cabinet had its first meeting ever solely about Y2K:,2107,500035266-500056874- 500019848-0,00.html

Have we reached some kind of turning point?

-- Linkmeister (, September 20, 1999.

From DSFX's home page:

DSFX is an internationally recognized business investigative and security firm. The company, headquartered in Northern Virginia and New York City, provides discreet consulting, investigative, business intelligence and security services to corporations, financial and investment institutions, law firms and governments worldwide.

-- Linkmeister (, September 20, 1999.

Meant to bring this up elsewhere:

Sunday, September 19th was definitly some kind of an "awareness" day. AT&T sponsored that "Y2k. Are you ready" thing, and although it didnt run at the best times possible, it did run almost everywhere in the country and MUST HAVE been seen by at least a million people.

Why AT&T ? They did do normal advertising in between segments, but it seemed to be more like a public service piece. Seems like AT&T or whoever, didnt have alot to gain showing a "fear" program like this.

I think its going to boil over pretty soon.....

-- hamster (, September 20, 1999.

I just bought the September issue of Horse & Rider for my daughter. I was paging through the magazine and ran across a section on one of the pages entitled "Y2K WATCH". It states, quote, "Is Uncle Sam Watching Out For You? To get the government's take on the potential Y2K Crisis, check out the following Web sites. (For a report on how well government agencies are coping, go to .U.S. Department of Agriculture: .Presidents Council on Year 2000 Conversion: .Federal Emergency Management Agency (disaster prepardness): Unquote. The Y2K info is on Page 28, and is not placed within the classified section or marketing pages of the magazine.

-- Val (, September 20, 1999.

The Seattle market had a special on Saturday night produced locally title, "Y2K Myth or Meltdown". Followed Sunday night by the ATT special mentioned above, "Y2K Are You Ready?". Interestingly, the ATT program was voiced-over narrated by a Seattle voice talent. Coincidence?

Anyway, the Seattle TV market got a heavy dose of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, the grounds are burning, the pot is boiling dry and the smoke is swirling, do we have a problem here Houston?"

If someone watched both these programs and concluded we would have no serious problems caused by Y2K, so no need to prepare, then...well, I guess that's part of the gene pool selection process in action.

The one thing that fried my sternum was neither show delved into the most critical issue of a Y2K meltdown, that being


Oh, and they forgot to mention the threat to the food supply in the ATT show. Oops.


-- greg (, September 21, 1999.

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