what was your weekend like?

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Was it as boring as mine?

Did I bore you enough?

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1999


my weekend...let's see... saturday night my sister threw a small party at my house. when her freinds showed up, they were with some pretty familiar company. maybe you've heard of them- jack daniels, black haus, goldschlager, tequila. i invited the peppermint shnapps. i started off with three little plastic shot cups filled with black haus. we took a break for a while 'cause everyone hadn't showed up yet and we didn't want to be completey tanked when they got here. ok...two hours go by and the black haus is wearing off, so i sat down and took two of those little plastic shot cups full of the schnapps. then i introduced myself to the jack daniels. only one full little plastic shot cup from him though. when i next looked up, Senor Tequila had joined me at the table. one little plastic shot cup full of that. ok...now i'm feelin pretty good. i'm nice and drunk. and the best thing is, i'm not gonna get sick or hungover 'cause i only did seven shots, right? no. not exactly. see, each of those little plastic shot cups i filled up actually contained three shots. no one told me. until the next night. so, lets adjust our math a bit...i had nine shots of black haus, six shots of peppermint schnapps, three shots of jack daniels, and then topped it off with three shots of tequila. 9+6+3+3=21. twelve shots came in one sitting. i ended up passed out in the woods behind my shed. i have no idea why i passed two perfectly good bathrooms in my house to run up stairs, through my backyard and behind my shed to sleep in the leaves. i guess it was somethin i drank. i don't think i need to describe sunday.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1999

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