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cpr accuses Stan of posting his 14 days preps post so frequently because (are you sitting down?) Stan is making money from Amazon from the preparation books he recommends.

Phoole adds to the nonsense by saying he knows why the "memes" from Timebomb 2000 accuse him of making money on the click-through ads at his site -- it's because THEY make money from THEIR click-through ads.

If this is an example of the deductive reasoning that goes on in the minds of debunkers, lets be grateful there are so few of them.

-- Just (diggin'@the.compost.pile), September 20, 1999


They can think this because they don't have an altruistic bone in their bodies. Luckily, Stan does. Grrrr.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 20, 1999.

Stan is making the money through the referral program. For every book that sells that he helps them with, he gets a kickback from the company. Why doesn't Stan just give the books titles and that they can be found at

And to clear up what you said, Debunky makes no money at all. If you are familar with the services of Insidetheweb, they put the banners on top of all message boards. People like CPR, or in the case Buddy (who owns it) get the message board for free but Insidetheweb places the click through ads on it to make money. They offer no kick back option or referral service in the way that does.

Nice try at accusing Debunky of making money. Just do a bit more reseach before you make a fool of yourself again.

"Yours in stupidity...MrWayCool"

-- MrWayCool (, September 20, 1999.

Mr. WayCool,

It is obvious no one at the new Debunky is making money from the website.

If it were so, there would be plenty of money that could be used to purchase a brain for each of you, and you would not have to share the same brain cell.

Perhaps there might be some left over to supply personality, too?

-- Wilferd (, September 20, 1999.

I don't read Stans posts and I don't buy any survival books. And if Stan is making money off of his posts here, well, that's Stan's business. You can keep your money in your pocket, no one is twisitng anyone's arm for you to buy anything.

-- money bags (, September 20, 1999.

The purpose of the Amazon associate account in question is to gauge the level of interest in the documents containing the account links. All commissions paid go to a shelter for abused women. An outside CPA firm handles these transactions. Any questions concering these transactions should be addressed *in writing* to MAI at 4500, South Four Mile Run, Arlington, VA 22204.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, September 20, 1999.

Way to go Stan!!!!

Actually this is GOOD news to me it means these guys have READ the info Stan provides and on some level maybe even preparing themselves and their families.

-- Way to go Stan!!! (clap@clapclap.clap), September 20, 1999.

So, what is wrong with free enterprise???

Stan, you go guy.

growlin' at the funky debunky...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, September 20, 1999.

Wilfred that is so great. What wit you have. Don't ever let anyone tell you that zombies don't have a personality. Those tin foil hats must really work.

"Yours in stupidity...MrWayCool"

-- MrWayCool (, September 20, 1999.

MrWayCool: Well, now you REALLY made a fool of yourself this time, didn't you? Pathetic moron.

-- King of Spain (, September 20, 1999.

You're awesome Stan.

It's too bad that the way the information age (book publishings and internet) is functioning that one might stand to make a few bucks to help others (losing more than reeking in for many). It's too bad that every altruitists cannot be like Mother Tereasa, living in complete poverty and give all of one's life to helping others absolutely selflessly (but even her counted on monetary donations from us to help her in her endeavors). Oh well, it's too bad. Life's like that. Keep on keeping on Stan. Pollies are left scraping for bits of straws now.

-- Chris (#$%^&, September 20, 1999.

Stan is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. He, like almost everyone I know who is speaking out about Y2K, is going broke doing it.

Keep up the good work Stan. I'm glad to call you my friend.


-- Sally Strackbein (, September 20, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

Stan, Stan... You da man!

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), September 20, 1999.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Stan this past May at the 1st Northern Virginia gathering. It was immediately apparent to me that among other qualities (good & not-so-good), Stan experiences an inordinate amount of compassion for others. Hence the incredible amount of time & effort he has put into helping people get informed & get prepared for the coming three day storm.

I take Stan at his word on this one. And applaud his continued efforts to lend a hand to society in whichever ways he feels appropriate.

Stan, I'm outta jerky. Hint, hint. ;^)

-- Bingo1 (, September 20, 1999.

Poole has shot himself in his mouth, as always. I know Stan personally and concur with the comments above.

-- BigDog (, September 20, 1999.

Stan, that's one of the few worthwhile organized charities--am glad (but not at all surprised) to know you help them out.

-- Old Git (, September 20, 1999.

Little Stevie may have started it but it took SuperPolly to make it ugly . Got a few licks in later in the thread but SP remains a hero for allegedly leaving groceries on an alleged doorstep of an neighboring allegedly hungry family.

Won't ever meet him, but Stan's for real.

-- Carlos (, September 21, 1999.

Missed the thread. Sorry.

-- Carlos (, September 21, 1999.


I've enjoyed our several "from coast-to-coast" phone conversations, and in my opinion... you're tops!

If you (and Meg) EVER make it out to California, you're invited to my place for dinner.

And yes... I'm an excellent cook... and no... I don't do freeze-dried. (At least... this year).



-- Diane J. Squire (, September 22, 1999.

I'd fly up for that one...if invited.

-- Carlos (, September 22, 1999.

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