Why are so many people uptight?

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Hi. I apologize for not understanding how to use this type of word-input device.

Next, to all of those who disparaged me and my pal, well, to quote Richard Marcinko, SEAL extraordinary, "And fuck you all very much."

My buddy in the Valley who wrote the thing I posted has appealed to me to let him & his family come up to the White Mountains and stay with me starting in the middle of December 1999 on through the end of January 2000, and I'm going to let them.

I have been busy kid-proofing my pad and locking up anything the little dears could hurt themselves with(How I'll kid-proof my PC workstation remains to be seen...)and we're shopping and taking advantage of all of on-sale items.

Y2K may be a minor nuisance, or it could well be, quoting my good buddy, the mother of all shitstorms. Who really knows? I don't. But like my pal, I sure the hell ain't gonna be anywhere near Phoenix come 24:00 31st December 1999 or 00:01 1st January 2000.

And that's the way it is. If it is, I shall be ready to shovel it with my assorted centerfire shit-shovelers. And my pal is bringing along his small collection of life-preservers, too.

-- Marc V. Ridenour (marcvridenour@hotmail.com), September 20, 1999


Who gives a fuck?

-- nobody (gives@shit.inaz), September 20, 1999.

The more the merrier, got diapers and baby wipes? Be sure to stock crayons, coloring books, and duct tape to keep the little darlings from wailing out just in case intruders decide to stop in.


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