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I am perturbed at the lack of reviews on the Sony Mavica Digital cameras. I have a Sony MVC-FD81, and have never been more enthused about any other camera, film or digital. So far as I know this is the only brand using standard 3 1/2" floppy disks, as opposesd to the others using chips and a carrier for insertion or a cable to load into the computer. I spent a number of years as a professional, commercial photographer doing illustrative advertising, wedding and potrait pictures, plus aerial photograpy. I used various types of cameras. From 35 mm to 8x10 sheet box cameras, so I think I am qualified to comment on a camera. HURRAY FOR SONY'S MAVICA DIGITALS!

-- William G. Toland (, September 19, 1999


I am glad you like your Sony, but I would not have even considered one. At 1.44Meg per disk, I would have to carry around a lot of disks to store a family vacation. I just bought a Olympus D-450Z that included a 8meg, and I bought an additional 16Meg ssfdc = Solid State Floppy Disk = Smart Media. Now I can take 108 High resolution or 366 Standard Resolution photos and the camera can write the images faster so I can get more shots in without have the subjects wait (20 shots .7 seconds abart). Speaking of fast, when I get home, I pull out the ssfdc insert it into my ssfdc "drive" and it works just like a floppy, without all the bulk and I have no cables as well!

Enjoy your Sony, but understand why others may not be so enthused.

-- Chris Weaver (, October 02, 1999.

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