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I recently recieved a demand for nearly #22,000 pounds after I voluntaraly surrending my house after my marriage broke up. The Nationwide have said that they would consider a reduced sum of #9,000. The mortgage was in both our names and the society have stated that they will be trying to recover an amount from my ex-wife. I have two questions

Can they still demand this after a period of 9years 9months? If they can`t find my ex-wife will I be made responsible for the whole amount? J.Compton

-- John Compton (, September 19, 1999


We've done our best to answer the over-6 years question in the Legal Rights section. This is in the Repossession section.

The lender will claim each of you are responsible for the whole amount. But then, that assumes the lender will actually bother to take you to court if you resist. Read the Do's and Don'ts section and the various success stories on the site to see how using their rights benefitted other people who were in this position.

Good luck


-- Lee (, September 20, 1999.

C+G are chasing for 23,000pa over the last two yrs they finally without asking began asking for 11,000 as the property was joint owned (ex-husband is bankrupt therefore they have no hope of getting anything from him) following that they asked for a lump sum to settle. I have not acted on this but it might give you a bit of hope.

-- Claire Niblett (, October 09, 2000.

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