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Last Sunday, watching a pro-football pregame show, I caught a segment from Cleveland, which has an NFL team once again. That means that the group of fans known as the Dog Pound has been reassembled. The Dog Pound has been famous as the most (choose: rowdy, nasty, far worse than that) group of fans in the NFL. Anyway, they were interviewing the leader of the Dog Pound, Big Dog, a real sensitive nineties-type guy. So naturally I wondered.

-- Peter Errington (, September 18, 1999


UNFORTUNATELY OUR Big Dog is MUCH smaller and Much nicer than the Clowns's Big Dog.


Raise Boss, huh huh huh???

puhlease ??

-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 18, 1999.

Smaller???!!! Sez who, big guy?

-- BigDog (, September 18, 1999.

The OTHER Big Dog could give you a couple hundred pounds and STILL out-weigh you. I KNOW! I've met you BOTH!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 20, 1999.


-- BigDog (, September 21, 1999.

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