Hiking to Diving Board what route?

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This is really a hiking trail question but...Can anyone tell me what is the best route to the top of Diving Board? I'd like to try going between liberty Cap and Mt Broderick and then try to approach Diving Board from the west. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated John

-- John Scarafiotti (scarafiotti1@llnl.gov), September 18, 1999


Hike until the HD trail actually toughs Librty Cap, then cut back left (north) along the base of LC. Hike up between LC and Mt. Broderick, to lost lake, then follow trail slabs below HD, and around to the left on exposed trails/terraces. when you get to the wooded area to the west of half dome, just go straight, and voila! takes about 4 hours.

-- Matt Bunz (hothotbunz@yahoo.com), September 22, 1999.

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