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Cannel 7 will air MYTH OR MELTDOWN Saturday the 18th at 10 PM. This is a repeat from last month. Channel 4 wil air Y2K READY or NOT on Sunday the 19th at 6 PM. I don't know if this is a repeat.


-- Martin Thompson (, September 17, 1999


Is it known what superstations will carry this, if any?

-- Marc V. Ridenour (, September 17, 1999.

REMEMBER: These are the same stations that showed survivalists earlier in the year, and did reports about how if you were preparing, you were a wacko, or some type of religious nut who was scared, not about computer problems, but because 999 is turning to 000

Don't forget that.

The media will turn on you in a heartbeat, so don't be surprised, if in december, they run a story, that contradicts all the things they present in these reports.

right now it's the "in" thing to say 3-day storm, and bitr.

but in december, when they perceive the viewing public hungry for scandal, and the "it's too late" reports, don't be surpised (pollies) if they come out and say "well, you might not be as safe as was reported back then"

will anything SPOOK the herd? NO.

The control is mightier than we all thought. the evidence is overwhelming, but people remain mostly silent about y2k.

if you think i'm overstating the mind control, i dare you to openly talk about y2k at your job, or call meeting (of everyone, not just management) to discuss what to say about y2k, or bring up ANY issue about any company that people depend on being non-compliant, and see what kind of looks you get.

Post all these articles that people provide the links to, at your desk, and highlight the y2k part. see if someone in management comes to "talk to you"

.....nope, people here in seattle will watch these reports, then go on about their business and say ... no they won't even say a thing, they won't even think about it after that.

and that's assuming they even watch......

-- Super (, September 17, 1999.

I wish the Portland stations felt compelled to air a few shows. Seems if you live in SW Wash, you are too far from Seattle to catch thier programming. And of course, little if anything is reported north of the Columbia river from Portland. But thanks for the head-up.


-- Mark (, September 17, 1999.

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