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The rule is that I NEVER respond to unsolicited E-mail. Especially to those sent by some dude calling himself "Digital Imaging Resource." This really sounds like a phony company, some guy working out of his car. If it is legit, I have no interest in C.T. Scans or MRI imaging. I don't like being in that tube, and at first glance that is what I thought this was. In my haste to delete the message and add it to my junk mail list, the words "special deals on digital photography hardware" were peeking out from behind my small delete drop-down window. This peaked my interest and I found what seems to be a wonderful site.

For a person who is just getting started in D.P. the site is just what I need. Having not yet purchased camera, scanner or anything, I am very interested in your presentations. The Corel Photo program is just what I need. I have just ordered my first Picture CD from Kodak and will order the Corel software this weekend. Thanks for the great site and keep it up!

-- Jim Kane (ejkane, September 17, 1999

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