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Just got a message from HR at work that all Nationwide pagers are down due to the hurricane. Has anybody heard this? Or read this in the news? I can't find any such story. Also, How could a hurricane knock out pager service?

-- CygnusXI (, September 17, 1999


Skytel is still up...I think you got some bad intel there Cy...

-- Billy-Boy (, September 17, 1999.

Maybe thats why nobody has returned my pages today.

Why do I keep getting "all circuits are busy" on cell phone calls today? This is a big city and rarely has this problem.

-- (Inquiring@minds.needto know), September 17, 1999.

I heard that both pagers and cell phones were out but only on the east coast... why would cell phones and pages go out because of weather? I'm with you Cygnus...kind of strange, I'd love some tech info.



-- Michael Taylor (, September 17, 1999.

Maybe related, maybe not.

EDS (up north somewhere) is under water at the moment. They manage an extensive network for ATMs. ATM's here (Jax FL) are down. We've been told it may be a week before they're back up.

Floyd might have something to do with it......


-- Deano (, September 17, 1999.

All of our pagers (several different companies represented) were out all day today. Also kept getting all circuits busy messages, and crossed lines where I could hear other people talking in the background. Really messed with my day.

-- kritter (, September 17, 1999.

Cellular Phone Outage In NY/NJ - AT&T Apologizes

By Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S.A., 17 Sep 1999, 12:13 PM CST

After battering New York's landline phone system, Hurricane Floyd has taken down AT&T's [NYSE:T] wireless system in both New York and New Jersey.

According to AT&T, cellular phone users in parts of metropolitan New York and New Jersey are without service today because of network equipment damage caused by Hurricane Floyd.

As a result of flooding in a Rochelle Park, N.J., switch, the carrier said that service has been interrupted since late Thursday night to customers in: Brooklyn, Upper Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam Counties in New York; Litchefield County, Conn.; as well as Bergen, Essex, Lower Passaic, and parts of Hudson and Union Counties in New Jersey.

The misery continued as AT&T also noted that cellular service in the vicinity of Newark International Airport - an area with heavy cellphone traffic - is restricted due to technical problems.

AT&T says that three wireless switches were affected by flooding in Rochelle Park. Around 10pm on Thursday, engineers were forced to power down the installation to protect the equipment.

Because flood waters continue in the area, AT&T says it is patching selected base stations over to adjacent areas to restore some services on the outskirts of affected areas.

Dave Johnson, a spokesperson for the carrier, told Newsbytes that AT&T is making every effort to restore service as quickly as possible.

Network managers and staff, he said, have been working through the night and all this morning to assess the damage to the Rochelle Park installation and begin preparations for when the flood waters recede.

AT&T's Web site is at .

Reported by, . This maybe what you heard?

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 17, 1999.

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