Q: Exakta to Konica Adapter II (AR or F?)

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Hello all, I have recently picked up an Exakta to Konica Adapter II, I wonder if this adapter is for the AR mount or F mount camera. Thanks!

Regards, Chung

-- Anonymous, September 17, 1999


Exakta to Konica Adapter

Hello I have a Exakat to Konica Adapter for the old F mount . I had never seen one for the new mount . If I can get one I would take it because I collect this adapter . Actualy I have Exakta to Konica F mount Konica F to Konica AR mount Nikon to Konica AR mount Pentax M42 to Konica AR mount

You see the difference in the mount : If in one of the 3 mount winges is a notch , thats a AR mount . The inside diameter of a F mount is 35mm . The inside diameter of a AR mount is 41 mm .

Regrads , Urs

-- Anonymous, September 17, 1999

Exakta to Konica adapter

Chung, If memory serves me correctly, when I first started using Konicas, about 27 years ago, Konishiroku had just issued their adapters II for Konica AR bodies in Exakta, Pentax Screw, and Nikon flavors. Why they waited so long after starting the T series bodies to come out with such an accessory, I haven't a clue. Jon

-- Anonymous, October 04, 1999

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