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I am glad to see your initiation of a "news" letter. I will be looking forward to it. My wife recently purchased a Kodak 210 Plus camera for me for our 30th wedding anniversary and I am having a ball with it. My son is to be married in December and I will of course use this camera to make family photographs. I have two questions. One, since I only shoot on the highest resolution , I get 18 jpegs per "roll" of film. I am looking at taking probably 100 jpegs at the wedding and am looking for a memory disc that can either do that or approach that number of exposures.Where can I get the best price on this memory. Question two is what is the best paper available for making prints on a Lexmark 1100 printer? Thanks again for any help or suggestions that you might have . And keep up the good work on the news letter. Bob S. Glover

-- Bob S. Glover (bsg@ticnet.com), September 17, 1999


Thanks for the kind words Bob! (Been processing delete requests all AM, so nice to see at least *someone* likes it ;) To be expected with 40,000 names though...

Three possibilities for the 100 jpegs issue. 1) Just buy a huge memory card. There are a lot of places on the net that sell these, but I think all our advertisers are pretty competitive. If you click-through on any of the links on our site in the process of buying something, it helps us sell the ad space next month :) Try State Street Direct, D-Store, and Digital Distributors. You can also do a search on www.shopper.com, but no guarantees on service. 2) Buy a Clik! drive for digital cameras. Cost is ~$200-250. Copies memory card contents to removable 40 MB disks. We have a review up at http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/ CLIK/CLIK.HTM. 3) Get a PCMCIA adapter, and borrow a laptop from a friend, copy files onto the laptop's hard drive.

Dunno about papers - zillions of them out there, they all behave differently with different mfr's ink sets...

-- Dave Etchells (web@imaging-resource.com), September 17, 1999.

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