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Greetings Folks!

Hope all is well for everyone taday, doomer,polly, and trolls alike. The idea of the posting to day is just casual observace of the (over?)reaction of the ENTIRE east coast of the Continental United States to the evacuation orders due to our pal Floyd. Any converts among our polly out there? Not that you have to G.I. the Y2K issue, but more on the concept of the reactions of (and relationships with) your fellow humans in time of crisis. Amazing eh? Just read the Washington Post article


Astounding tales of woe and of course, the obligatory term overviewing the whole catastrophe(the evac, not the storm itself) was best stated as "oooohhhh SH*T!!!" Home Depot reaped the whirlwind of sales in all forms of plywood and planking, and the various sales of food has gone completely insane. Many of the people out there are now begining to 'get it.' Not in the respect of believing there IS going to be a Y2K meltdown, but more in the respect that the preparations MUST be done long before the 'storm' hits. In all fairness, I can understand the issues the pollys love to throw out there as rationale for not preparing. "I can't afford it!" "Its a waste of time" "Whats the point, it'll all come to nothing anyway!" Well, let me tell ya. Affording it? You CAN NOT afford NOT to spend the money. Unless your idea of haute cuisine is the Sandwich a la Exxon, I'd truly think hard on picking up an extra can or two when you shop for the weekly groceries. Don't forget those coupons, and the doubles and triples make it all that more cool. Two-for-ones are my personal fave. And if you are one of 'those' folks who say that its a waste, (like my demon/mother in law) I say the same thing to you that I say to her. "If nothing does happen, then I won't have to worry about a food budget for the first six months of the year now will I?" Just be aware. This storm is slowly moving its way into NY. Imagine how it'll be when the city has no abilty to get food... Never mind the fact that for some reason, EVERYBODY waited until the last minute. Don't be one of those folks. Be ready and be happy. Better safe and prepared than a whole lotta sorry later on....

-- Billy-Boy (, September 16, 1999


Billy-boy, how do you plan to handle your "demon mother-in-law" WTSHTF? What it sounds like to me is, you are going to have the worst of two-worlds. Maybe you should get a few extra cans of dog food just in case she shows up on your door step.

-- woes to you (, September 16, 1999.

Si Senor, Beeeeely Boy,

Juu gaht dat rite Beeeely! Deeees coood bee a wake-up call, no? By deee way Beeeely, I beeeen to dee Exxown stasheeeown, and dey ain gah no steeenkin sameeeeches! Dis suuucks Beeeely, I goeeeng back to Mehico now. Muchas Gracias senor Beeely.

Hasta La Vista! Cheech

-- @ (@@@.@), September 16, 1999.

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