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Can U tell me the advantages & disadvantages of using just simple wiring,rather than using PLC or computer programming to use in a circuit controll.


Thank You very much..

-- Vincent (, September 16, 1999


Advantages of a Computer: 1. Not counting the cost of the computer, using a computer MIGHT be cheaper than an all hardware approach. 2. More flexible. 3. May have an on-screen display of your railroad, turnout position, and block occupancy. 4. Less wires under the layout. 5. You don't need to be a wiring guru.

Disadvantages: 1. You have to program it. This isn't for everyone. 2. Like with all computer software, you are at the mercy of those who sell the software. If they go out of business or stop supporting the software, you may be stuck with it. You may also be stuck if their software won't run on the next great operating system that comes out of Redmond, Washington.

-- Allan Gartner (, February 18, 2005.


All depends on the circuit control functions. Doing a full CTC signal control would not be "just simple wiring" although the Tractonics approach to modular signaling has some very positive advanadages for add a little at a time. Using computer programming to control functions is a matter of input sensor and output function. With all the sensors in place the kinds of control and function is limited only by the programing. For just turnout control on a walk around set up, then simple wiring would be cheaper and sufficient. However, if you want automatic route controls, and on the fly control of non-accessable turnouts, then more complex wiring and/or computer control has some flexibility advantages. Yard ladders can have some nice diode set ups so a single button aligns the yard for through running, a computer system controlling yards also adds multi route controls. The choice of methods are directly tried to the functions and the level of flexibility desired and/or anticpated. There isno absolute "correct" answer that fits every one and/or every situation.

-- Ed McCamey (, September 16, 1999.

Can u tell me the advantages and disadvantages of computers???????????

thanks Hope getting reply immidiately.

-- hafiz jubair ahmed (, February 16, 2005.

add - "easy" to enter/maintain/change the logic...Or that's the claim. YOU must be able to describe the logic that you want in AND, OR, IF, THEN, ELSE terms. can have some nifty displays.

dis - You are at the mercy of the company who wrote the software, and the interface hardware. It may not do what you want. It may not work with the next generation of operating system that you have to buy because your computer failed. the company that made the hdwr/sftw may go out of business.

-- Don Vollrath (, February 18, 2005.

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