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Does anybody know of any program which will directly convert a high resolution MPEG1 (such as 352x288 PAL for VCD) to the lower resolution MPEG1 format (so as to reduce its size) or MPEG4 format.


-- Jimmy (, September 16, 1999


Try Xing will take MPG file in PAL format and convert to MPG in NTSC format....I have done it

-- Nick MOntalto (, September 17, 1999.

Thanks,Nick MOntalto. But can I convert from higher resolution to lower resolution in the same MPEG1 PAL format ?

-- Jimmy (, September 17, 1999.

As Nick said, yes, you use Xing. In my opinion, DVMPEG is better because it has a specific applet just for changing resolutions and frame rates in lieu of converting all over again. Do note however, that if you convert 352x288 to something lower that is not White Book compliant anymore and can't be recorded as a VCD. You still have an .mpg file and all but it'll just be good on your HDD or possibly for streaming on the web, etc,. but not for VCD.

-- EMartinez (, September 18, 1999.

I have found a less expensive utility that does what the XING encoder does. It is from Panasonic and can be purchased and downloaded on the internet for $79.00

The documentation says it can convert any files that the Microsoft Media player can play (except MIDI audio). I guess this means it could convert an ASF file - but I haven't confirmed this yet.

I don't know if it is as fast as the XING Encoder. It took about 50 minutes to convert 9 minutes of a higer quality MPEG1 to VCD compliant MPEG on a Pentium II - 350MHz

Here is the readme.txt file for the product: ------------------------------------ June 3 1999

About Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder Software

This software runs under Windows as stand-alone application software which covers full specification of MPEG1 encoding capability featured our original encoding engine developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.

[Features] 1. Encode high resolution video data (up to 1024X1024 but must be multiples of 16) 2. 3 choices of Quantizer Matrix for image types (Natural Image, CG/Cartoon, MPEG1 Standard) 3. Variety of filters to enhance its image quality Noise Reduction (improve an input image quality) Smoothing Video Filter(improve an MPEG image quality) 4. Wide data rate for encoding from 600K to 15Mbps 5. Forced Intra Frame function can change any frames to an Intra Frame. 6. Gamma correction for MPEG Data for PC and TV color characteristics 7. Create a low frame rate MPEG1 movie not complying with MPEG1 standard but it can run on the most of MPEG1 player software. 8. Create an MPEG1 System Stream for the VideoCD V2.0 Specification.

[Specification] Version of MPEG Video MPEG1 (ISO/IEC 11172-2 compliance) Output Stream Data System/Video/Audio (Layer2) Hardware Configuration Pentium/Pentium-II based IBM-PC or Compatibles Minimum System Memory 32MB(recommend 64MB or larger) Operating System Windows95, Windows98 and Windows NT4.0 or higher Supported Input Data Files which Windows MediaPlayer can open Frame Resolution (WxH) 64x64 to 1024x1024 [pixel](multiples of 16) MPEG Video Stream Data Rate 600K to 15M [bit/sec] Video Frame Rate 10/15/23.976/24/25/29.97/30/50/59/94/60 [frames/sec] Audio Stream Data Rate 64/96/128/192/224/384 [Kbit/sec] Audio Mode 16bit Stereo/Monaural Audio Sampling Freq. 32/44.1/48 [KHz] Other Functions Noise Reduction Filter for Input Data Smoothing Filter for Output MPEG Data VBV Buffer Size Selectable GOP Sequence Selectable Forced Intra Frame function 3 choices of Quantizer Matrix Gamma correction for MPEG Data(for PC and TV) Cropping(add black/image cut) De-interlace Remove Video Head Noise Motion compensation(half pel/full pel) [How to install...] 1. Run "mpegsae.exe"(Download version) or "setup.exe"(Floppy version). 2. The installer starts automatically, then folow the dialogs.

[Limitations of this version] 1. Encoding failure may occur in case of encoding a high resolution video with a low data rate setting. Increase video data rate 320X240/30fps: data rate more than 800Kbps 640X480/30fps: data rate more than 2000Kbps 2. Available file formats which can be used as input materal files for MPEG1 encoding depend on the version of DirectShow in your PC. We recommend you that you download the latest version of DirectShow (now V6.0) from the Microsoft WEB site. If you installed the Internet Explorer V4.0 or higher, probably, the DirectShow6.0 already installed in your PC. 3. Below file format can not be used for an Input Material file for MPEG1 encoding. (Audio materials) - MIDI file 4. DV-AVI file which codec has not been registered as Multimedia Device in Windows would be used for an Input Materal File, if the DirectShow can open it. However, There are the folowing limitations; - Image size is fixed to 360X240. - impossible to preview video of this file. [Contact] Please contact us if you need further more information.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 4-12-8 Sendagaya Sibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 JAPAN TEL: 81-3-3746-1401/FAX: 81-3-3746-1094 E-mail:

-- Keith S. (, September 19, 1999.

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