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Issue 1

Well the first week produced some HUGE numbers. I would have figured 145 was enough for first or at least second but I find myself in 5th. Ouch babe. The good news for me is that I was pretty balanced scoring wise and it wasn't an exceptional day for any of my guys, while people like Clayton got carear numbers in week one from LaFleur.

The top ten teams all topped the 100 point plateau, while Matt and John are in two diffrent boats, Matt has plenty to offer in a trade while John has Sharpe. You remember that $275.00 tight end don't ya.

All of the teams in the top 6 worry me. Clayton has a lot of talent, but it is a marathon, not a sprint and he can't afford a John type day. Adam got this hodge podge of crap and turned it into a team to watch out for all season long. Can you say Barry Sanders. We are in trouble if Barry comes back. Kevin won't pay attention to his team but he has plenty of talent. G passed on the curse to John (See what happens when you mock a curse John) and mkay actually have all of his players all year long. Jay has two stars, Young and Watters, they sucked last week and he scored 135, that worrys me.

The middle of the pack (Danny, Kris, Chris's) need to find an identity and should be looking to see what the leaders do in the next couple of weeks.

Sorry so short but I am on my way to Rhode Island. The games have begun, best of luck to all and I will see you on the other side.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 1999

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