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Hi, I have some avi's (m-jpeg) with 336x276 frame size. To create the correct Frame Size = SIF 352x288 (PAL) for VCD, I can rerender the clip in Premiere or use the Xing encoder which does it all. All this expands the frame and will reduce the quality (I like the Ligos encoder better anyway). I would prefere to add 12 and 16 black pixel at each side to get the right frame size without changing the pixels of the original clip. How can this be done using Premiere....? Thanks for the help.

-- Michael Micklinghoff (, September 15, 1999


Michael its a while since I have done what you require so I am a bit hazy but you can do it in premiere by selection a project size of 352 x 288 and using the zoom transition to position the 336 x 276 frame in the centre. The original file will need to be put on one video track and a zoom transition full length with the correct percentage to keep the frame the same size 336/352= 95%. Both input and output percentages must be the same so there will be no actual zoom. You can play with the percentage to get it correct then try a small render and do it with the ligos encoder to see you achieve the result you want. Its the same process as putting a picture within a picture except that the background is black.

I am not at my home PC at the moment so if you need anything further make contact off line at the above email address.

have a good day!

-- Ross McL (, September 15, 1999.

Michael take 2 - if your going to play this end result to a TV you might consider reducing the size of the actual picture a bit further so as to be further inside the tv screen viewing area. The reason I say that is that any errors in consumer tv centering will be less noticable if the frame edge is further in allround. That will improve the quality a bit also.

I think it may be possible to produce 16:9 vcd's using this process but I have not had time to experiment yet.

-- Ross mcL (, September 15, 1999.

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