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A buddy of mine posed this question and I was hoping that someone with some programming experience could answer my question. He contended that the Y2k computer bug may not affect non Christian nations such as China or other Buddhist countries because they do not follow the Christian based clock system, thus the year there will not be 1999, and in January their calendar will not roll over to 2000, thus no problem. I feel that they are probably using our technology, thus they are prone to the same problems as we are. Who is more accurate?

-- Derek (, September 15, 1999


They are using our technology and will suffer the same consequences. Again, the actual date print out means's the internal clock settings that are used in calculating time differentials that really matter.........there only advantage there being that perhaps they don't have as many loonies that place special significance to the year 2000 who will try to start trouble in the name of God.

-- Craig (, September 15, 1999.

Its my understanding that because the western calender is used by so many computer using nations, a calender conversion program is run to convert the time to the local calender. The internal date is still represented as 99/00.

-- John Ainsworth (, September 15, 1999.

Craig: I take it that computers do not run on GMT(zulu) but rather on local time. Hence the start of problems to begin in New Zealand and march westward????

-- Neil G.Lewis (, September 15, 1999.

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