U.S. warns citizens about possible Y2K problems overseas

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U.S. warns citizens about possible Y2K problems overseas


U.S. warns citizens about possible Y2K problems overseas Excerpts from the State Department's warnings to U.S. citizens about possible Year 2000 computer failures around the world:

Bahrain: ``Role as the financial hub of the region has made many of its systems heavily computer reliant. ... Moderate risk of potential disruption of electric power and water sources.''

Belarus: ``Does not appear to be prepared to deal with the Y2K problem. ... Americans who are planning to remain in Belarus should be prepared to withstand power, water and heat outages during cold winter weather that can last several days or more.''

Brazil: ``Risk for potentially moderate but largely isolated disruptions in telecommunications, electricity, the health sector, and possibly financial services.''

China: ``May be a risk of potential disruption in the key sectors of banking and finance, telecommunications, medical services, and in electrical power and infrastructure systems outside of the coastal cities.''

Cuba: ``Moderate risk of potential disruption in such key sectors as banking and finance, telecommunications, and electric power. Public services are not reliable, and the Cuban population is accustomed to doing without key services.''

India: ``Largest question is the readiness of the electric power sector and the ocean ports, parts of which have been slow to address the Y2K issue.''

Israel: ``Moderate risk of potential disruption in key sectors, including telecommunications and electric power. ... Ground stations for mobile communications may be vulnerable to Y2K-related disruptions.''

Italy: ``Will lower the risks of potential Y2K disruptions with greater progress in remediation and contingency planning, particularly in the fields of health care, telecommunications and, to a lesser extent, transportation.''

Russia: ``Disruptions are likely to occur in the key sectors of electrical power, heat, telecommunications, transportation, and financial and emergency services.''

Saudi Arabia: ``Moderate risk of potential disruption in the telecommunications, banking and finance and electric power sectors.''

Taiwan: ``All ATM machines in Taiwan may be shut down for thirty-six hours, beginning early on December 31st.''

-- Stan Faryna (info@giglobal.com), September 15, 1999


Thanks Stan.

I see that, like the UK report coincidentally released on the same day, the wordwide banking meltdown is omitted. Funny that.

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), September 15, 1999.

USA today,today..."The state department reassured travelers tuesday that no country should experience y2k problems severs enough yo make travel there unsafe." goes on to say,"... the sort of y2k problems U.S. tavelers abroad might encounter include breakdowns in water facilities,medical and banking services and transportation systems." More spin than hurricane floyd

-- Eric michael (bizarr2@hotmail.com), September 15, 1999.

Actually, in the case of the State Department the term is "diplomacy" not spin... never that.

(Uh, huh).


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), September 15, 1999.

Okay,more diplomacy than William Jefferson Clinton

-- Eric michael (bizarr2@hotmail.com), September 15, 1999.

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