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Has anybody tried burning diesel fuel, like #1 or #2 diesel, in a Petromax lantern? The fuel listed as preferred in the manual is keroscene but it's supposed to burn darn near anything and diesel is a lot cheaper here than keroscene. Also, has anybody purchased and used the new cooking attachment for the Petromax lantern? Is it even out yet?

-- Steve A (, September 14, 1999


I haven't tried it, but...Diesel fuel burns with a distinct aroma (like being behind a Kenworth in traffic), while kerosine has less odor (from diesel stoves, vs. kerosine).

-- Mad Monk (, September 15, 1999.

Diane will answer all of your questions.

-- rb (, September 15, 1999.

i got mine 2 months ago. it burns diesel/#2 fuel oil great. almost zero aroma once it gets going. i'm getting a petromax 'cook attachment' when they come out in a few wks, along with a smaller petromax lantern.

-- lou (, September 16, 1999.

Is the smaller Petromax lantern going to be coming out in a few weeks, too, or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Thanks...

-- Don (, September 16, 1999.

There has been a seperate cook stove avilable for some time for about $60.

-- rb (, September 16, 1999.

Has anyone heard about a "Butterfly" lantern??? DEAD RINGER for Petromax!


Just about 15$ cheaper, and the shade DOES look rather less neat in enamel.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 18, 1999.

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