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What is the history of development of the south park neighborhood? I know that it was founded in 1855 as an upscale neighborhood and that for many years it was predominantly a Philipino neighborhood, but I'm looking for more specifics. Please help if you can.

-- Matthew Moore (, September 14, 1999


I recommend you read Albert Shumate's excellent book "Rincon Hill and South Park: San Francisco's Early Fashionable Neighborhood." (Windgate Press, 1988.) Great, readable history with lots of illustrations.


-- John Martini (, September 16, 1999.

Among several firsts, South Park was the site of San Francisco's first Settlement House on Silver St (Now Stillman St) and her first Japan Town.

-- Kurt Iversen (, September 17, 1999.

South Park was developed around the 1870s by George Gordon in the British style. He had a tragic life. He married an English girl who was a drunk and hated San Francisco and when he refused to take her back to England vowed revenge. They had a baby girl whom Gordon adored. When she was in her teens, Gordon discovered to his horror, the daughter was also an alcholic. The mother had fed the girl liquor from the time she was a baby.. starting with a few drops in her milk. That was her revenge. There is more but I can't find my notes at the moment.

-- Bill Roddy (, May 06, 2000.

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