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"Y2K and the New World Order"


I first heard about "Y2K" in February and brushed it off as being a non-issue. After several friends, whom I admire greatly changed their minds about Y2K, I started to analyze it closer. From June until early November, I believed everything that was being said about Y2K but questioned the coming together of groups which were philosophical opposites as a result of Y2K. I now believe that Y2K is extremely serious but not for the same reasons as what we are hearing from Christian leaders, government officials, and experts. I believe Y2K poses the greatest threat to Christianity since Hitler's alliance with the German Lutheran church. I believe that it will be used to unveil all of the global infrastructure which has been put in place since the founding of the UN in 1945. This is the same infrastructure which the news media is silent on and therefore the American people have not been told. Y2K will be the mechanism to unveil and to tell the people of the world. It will be the mechanism to change the world from individual nation-states to one world government. This sea- change in my understanding of Y2K came as a result of writing my combined June-September, 1998 economic newsletter on the global currency and stock markets. For those who do not subscribe to my economic newsletter, this combined issue is available for a gift of $15.00 to The Women's Group, Inc. or you can subscribe for a gift of $30.00, beginning with the June- September, 1998 issue.

Managed and manipulated global economics

It was not until the Omnibus Budget Bill was passed on October 20 that I realized all of the global currency and stock markets were controlled and manipulated from July 17 until October 20 in order to bring the world banking system under the control of the United Nations through the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, thus giving it the powers of a "world central bank." Part of the bill's $500B included $18B for the IMF. These are the monies which Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin requested (and on occasion used threatening words) of the Congress for over one year. It is this $18B which now provides the "seed" money for all of the other countries of the world to add their contribution to raise $100B for the IMF to use as a "line of credit" for countries with severe cash flow problems. With the passage of this bill on October 20, Alan Greenspan lowered interest rates for the third time by 1/4 of 1% and the stock market rose 15 percent, something it had not done since 1987, over the following two weeks.

All of this provided the pattern for me to see how the currency markets and global stock exchanges were being manipulated in order to effect this transfer of power to the IMF/World Bank. This empowerment effectively brings the supervision of the banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms of the world under their control. It is when I realized this was the real reason for the currency volatility, that I also realized Y2K played a more important role in world affairs--providing the kind of exact situation on a global basis for a world takeover. Y2K provides the right foundation for the governments of the world (churches, organizations, groups) to say that the only way the world can make it is to ban together as one under world government!

I now firmly believe, as I have analyzed a number of issues and attended numerous high level economic meetings (World Economic Forum, The Group of Seven/Eight, and the annual Bank for International Settlements meeting) this year where Y2K was a non-issue that it is an orchestrated event to: (1) allow the United Nations to meet and fulfill many of their global goals (this includes a police-type of state to control people), (2) bring the world, with their consent, into world government in order to "fix" the Y2K problem, (3) possibly bring in a cashless electronic monetary system.

Consider the following:

In our last letter we discussed the Hegelian Dialectic which communism/socialism/Marxism is based on. In the book, Spiritual Politics by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson (Ballantine Books, New York, 1994), they cite the importance of the Hegelian Dialectic as being the process whereby "we have to go to a higher level and transcend the polarities [opinions and differences which people have]. It was Hegel's view that all things unfold in a continuing evolutionary process whereby each idea or quality (the thesis) inevitably brings forth its opposite (the antithesis). From that interaction, a third state emerges in which the opposites are integrated, overcome, and fulfilled in a richer and higher synthesis. This synthesis then becomes the basis for another dialectical process of opposition and synthesis."

(emphasis added)

In an interview with Dean Gotcher, an expert in the Hegelian Dialectic, he explained it this way, "The process is built on three stages which are more complex than what we are seeing with outcome based education, total quality management, and school to work. There is the thesis which is you and your position and is based on facts and what you believe [God]. Antithesis is somebody who's different from you. For example, the moment the two of you who are different are in the same room, there's a potential relationship. However, the only way you can get to it is synthesis [agreement in the relationship]. You and the other person have to put your differences aside for the sake of a relationship and try to find facts or elements in your belief systems which are in harmony. This process of changing your position to blend with someone else basically is how socialism works. Eventually if that becomes your agenda--the dialectic way of thinking--a socialist cosmic mind--it puts aside anything that gets in the way of the relationship."

In other words, the Hegelian Dialectic is the process used to get a person to change their beliefs to match those who want them to change their beliefs. A simple example would be the person who tells his virgin lover "If you loved me, you would show me by...."

I believe that what is happening in the world is dialectic--we are in the process of being brought from our present Christian position to one of world government--all unknowingly of course. If I had not attended one or any of the United Nations conferences that I have, I would not be able to recognize all of the ideas and concepts which are being forced on the American people as being UN-world government. WE THE PEOPLE are being taken from the position of thesis--Constitution, individual freedoms, personal property rights and speech to one of antithesis-the United Nations Charter and Declaration of Human Rights, acting collectively for the good of the whole (elimination of the individual needs), limiting personal property rights for the sake of the environment, and politically correct thinking which creates a new structure, the synthesis.

My grave concern is that with Y2K, the Christian community, at the most critical time in history when they should be alert so they can stand in THE GAP, unwittingly will be processed through the Hegelian Dialectic into world government without realizing they have agreed to it. You say, "How could this happen? " The answer is, "Since the Christian church is not knowledgeable about the international level of government, they are not in a position to recognize how our freedoms are being lost. When Y2K is used as the excuse or reason for why the structure and way of life in America has to change, they will agree and cooperate not realizing they have just been processed through the Hegelian Dialectic from Constitutional government to world government, thus giving up their God-given rights for man-made and controlled rights."


What does Y2K give to those who want to steal our heritage? THE WORLD, i.e. the resources of the world to control so you and I don't eat or use them up; an occasion to change the type of government through "National Emergency" whereby all sources of water, energy, equipment, food, and food supplies, etc. are handed over to the government for their use; a police state for the benefit of all Americans; a higher cost of living as the cost of depletion of these resources will now be added into the cost of heat, water and food (this was the concept unveiled in Istanbul at Habitat II in June, 1996); and perhaps a new monetary system which is electronic, to name a few of the changes.

Y2K will be the problem thrust upon the people of the world in order to take control of the world resources and reorder society. There are many ministers who look at Y2K as "God's judgement." If they understood the United Nations agenda, they would see that Y2K is too managed to be God's judgement. Maybe that is another form of deception.

Most recently I attended a conference held by the World Federalists on Y2K. Their goal is to be in a position so they can organize communities into world government! On the other hand, what is the Christian church doing? Many are gearing up to have food to distribute during Y2K. The churches are entirely missing the point with regard to Y2K as they are acquiescing to world government without realizing it. Feeding the community fits in well with the state controlled church. (While I am not against helping the community, the church should be evangelizing now, not waiting one year for an opportunity when the new form of world government will allow it only to feed the body and not the soul!)

The Current Christian and Family State of Affairs

The following is something I do not normally speak about. However, I feel that it is extremely important and needs to be disclosed in order to make a very serious point. All of the following is first hand experience.

In the first year while attending conferences subsequent to the UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, I went through a living hell as all that I knew about life, Bible prophecy, and politics was destroyed and in its place was a very far advanced form of world government which I was told by many Bible prophecy people was not here yet. If I thought that was difficult, I had a more shocking wake up call when I learned that our greatest enemy is not the other side, but ourselves and those on "our" side. For example, in intelligence work, I am told that the most important thing to know is who your enemies are. Basically they have an expression, "Your friend is your enemy and your enemy is your friend." How is that for logical thinking! However, the prophet Elijah certainly knew that his enemies were not only the king who did not want to hear what God wanted him to know, but all of the prophets (false) who surround the king who said everything was fine. I found that we have more false prophets than we know. Unfortunately some of the biggest names in Christendom are questionable.


In September, 1994 I attended my first international conference sponsored by the United Nations in Cairo called the UN Conference on Population and Development. There I came to understand that the international level--the level above the federal or national level--was very far advanced in a world government structure. What I saw, heard, and experienced as a naive American, was shocking to my whole system of values and knowledge as everything on the national level was a lie when you considered the international level where world government was operating! In addition, I heard our political leaders--from Al Gore to my (former--I moved) congresswoman Constance Morella discuss concepts and philosophies which the American people would rebel against if they knew. My only consolation, or so I thought, was Christian Broadcasting Network-CBN was there. I was so excited and pleased to know that this conference was being reported to many. I assumed they were exposing world government. They did not.

I came home from Cairo very upset and mad as a result of what I experienced and saw. I became livid when I read the major newspaper accounts of what they said occurred. It was then that I realized all of the mainstream media had a black out on the truth of what these conferences were and how far advanced world government was.

Since I brought a suitcase full of their materials, I felt the need to put together my first briefing book which is entitled, "UN Conferences and Goals: How they Will Affect the Family, the Church and Society" which is 166 pages. I asked God what I should do with it and felt the need to mail it to every major family and Christian organization that I could think of. It went to everyone you or I would normally think of--Focus on the Family, CWA, Charles Stanley, D. James Kennedy, The American Family Association, etc. I did not send it directly to them, I used people who I knew them. For example, a good friend of mine who has written several nationally recognized books and who knows Dr. Kennedy personally. She was kind enough to write a cover letter and mail the briefing book to him.

From all of these organizations, I received one response from the Family Research Center that they were going to put it in their research files.

Because I live close to Washington, D. C., I called up CBN and asked to speak to the gentleman who was in Cairo. When he answered the telephone I told him, "This is Joan Veon, I was in Cairo and reported for..." He told me he knew who I was as he saw me ask Jane Fonda a question on world government in her press briefing. I told him that I had a briefing book on the UN which I had put together and that at their next conference, the Social Summit, to be held in Copenhagen in March, 1995 they were going to unveil a world tax. I asked if I could see him. He was interested and so we went to lunch. In a restaurant located near the White House I went though my briefing book and explained how far advanced the UN agenda was and their quest for world government. He was sincerely shocked to see the big picture and commented that he had "no idea that it was this far." He then looked around to see who was close to us and who could listen in. When I pressed him to get CBN to go to the next UN mega-conference in Copenhagen he said, "I need to tell you something off record." He said, "Pat Robertson isn't fighting the new world order any more, he has joined it." I looked at him and told him, "You haven't told me anything that I did not already know. You only confirmed it." Unfortunately, I began to see a trend with the Christian community which is very disturbing.

When I went to Cairo I had never been a journalist or reporter before and therefore did not know how to get credentialed by a news media. A lady friend of mine who was instrumental in raising my awareness about Cairo was a member of a Southern Baptist Church. Before I knew it, I was credentialed by The Southern Baptist Press to go to Cairo. The only way you can attend these conferences is to be credentialed as a journalist or as a non- governmental organization. The Baptist Press said they wanted a short report on Cairo. As a result of my experiences, I wrote a rather lengthy report--which you have to when you are trying to explain the whole agenda of world government. They told me it was too long. I then took that same report, reduced it and divided it up into two reports which was in line with what they wanted. It was never published. I was told that they felt their readers "would not be interested."


During the course of researching the UN from their material, I stumbled upon the UN's desire to press for a world tax in Copenhagen, the site of their next mega-conference. In Cairo the John Birch Society was represented there by one reporter. When I uncovered the "alternative agenda" to get the world to consider a world tax, I called him and asked if his group was sending him to Copenhagen. He told me no. I told him he had to go because I had uncovered the real agenda which was a world tax. He was immediately interested. He asked if I could fax him my research. I both faxed and overnighted it along with my briefing book showing the whole agenda. He called me back and asked if he could use it. I thought about it and responded, "I don't have the outlet that you do to get the news out. Go ahead." The New American did a special report on the global tax. I would have been pleased, except they forgot to even credit me as a source. I again was learning something about the "conservative right."

I pressed with other groups and organizations, trying to get them to go to these meetings. I had no response. In fairness to the Southern Baptists, Dr. Richard Land who heads up their Christian ethics division and another man attended the Social Summit in Copenhagen. While I understood the agenda, they did not, nor did they take the time to read my briefing book (I sent them two because they misplaced the first), nor did they try to figure out first hand what was going on. When I asked one of the ladies who accompanied me to Copenhagen what they did, she replied, "Joan it is really sad. They walk around all day with their coats on staring at walls (lots of propaganda posters on the walls)." Since the UN hosts many workshops to inform and teach their world view, I asked if they were going to any of the workshops. That they did not know. Dr. Land subsequently decided to leave the conference early as there "was nothing really happening."


When the Fourth Women's Conference in Beijing came in September 1995, six months after Copenhagen and one year from Cairo, I spoke with Focus on the Family Senior Vice President Tom Minnery who I had been corresponding with by fax in helping him understand the United Nations. Mr. Minnery was going to Beijing. I was ecstatic. After speaking with him, I faxed him a note that there would be no way that he would not see world government as it would hit him in the face. I wrote that I hoped the focus of the ministry would change to help people understand what is really going on in the world. Focus came back, talked about how horrible the women's agenda was and dropped the whole subject of the real agenda--world government.

Bill Bright

For many years my husband and I supported three Campus Crusade for Christ missionaries. In addition, we have given large (what we consider large) amounts for the support of the JESUS film for a number of years. We believed in the ministry. However, I had an experience in trying to tell Bill Bright about the United Nations and world government which completely threw me off guard. In trying to give him a copy of my briefing book, "The United Nations and Its Global Agenda for the Environment Economy and Family" several years ago at the National Religious Broadcasters Conference in California, he quickly called for Vonette , his wife, by turning his back on me so that I could not see his expressions and handing me off as soon as he could. Vonette who was very gracious as I explained where God has led me basically made some air-puffed promises and concluded our discussions. This also rattled me as I would not have expected to be treated as some kind of weirdo. I was wearing one of my most expensive suits and did not think I looked or sounded like one!

Either these people in high places are so high up they cannot see below their noses or they understand the agenda which they are protecting. If it is the first, they are in big trouble with God! If it is the second, they are in big trouble as a false prophet and therefore, in big trouble with God!


In October 1995 I was referred to a woman who "really knew her stuff" and who had been working on world government for many years. Virginia Meves , a former medical missionary and I met at a restaurant near the Milwaukee Airport. Within five minutes of meeting she was able to help me understand what I could not put into words as I told her how difficult it was to travel to all of these conferences and learn about an agenda for world domination which was not based on our Constitution (but the UN Charter). What was even worse was the fact that the Christian and family groups were not interested in understanding about the hideous agenda . I had tried and tried but was getting no where with them. In one word she said it all. As I expressed my frustration at all of these groups which could be our "salvation" she said, "Don't you know they have their own agenda which is containment!" As she said it, it was like a pie hit me in the face.

Containment means that your knowledge and understanding is limited and/or your energies are taken off of the real agenda-- world government. Yes, I am a pro-lifer but if you get rid of the UN, you get rid of the abortion, family planning, and the homosexual agenda. By fighting the pro-life agenda, many people who would be instrumental in getting rid of world government spend their energies, emotions, and money fighting something which is not the real problem but an activity that consumes their minds and thoughts so that they do not see the real problem! Isn't that what Satan did in the garden? He took Eve's mind off of the real situation and painted one which was more palatable for her?

There are other groups which are involved at the international level. A number of them are recognized missionary groups. One such organization which I was amazed to see in Cairo is World Vision. I remember one UN sponsored conference held in Washington, D.C. in which World Vision had a booth. When I tried to have a conversation about spiritual things, the young lady manning the booth could not comprehend. I thought that was strange. Having seen World Vision now at many other UN conferences, I now I look at them as a chameleon--they are whatever you want them to be or whatever they want you to think they are as it appears that they have roots in the new world order system and work very closely with the UN.

Most recently I was quite upset to read a letter which came from my husband's niece. A sweet young woman who desires to do the right thing and serve the Lord wrote us a letter explaining that she felt, after serving a year with Youth with a Mission-YWAM, to attend a five month course at their University of the Nations. Alarm bells went off as I read the title of the course, "Foundations of Community Development." What was a Christian organization doing teaching community development? The community development I was familiar with was that of the United Nations. YWAM was using the same term. In speaking to her before she left for South Africa, she misinterpreted my concern as criticism. I told her it was only concern as a result of where I had been and what I understood. When I finally asked her to define community development she said, "We will be learning how to go into tribal villages and teach the natives about clean water, hygiene, sanitary conditions, and how to survive." I said, "You have just explained the United Nations agenda as well as that of the Peace Corps (same agenda and goal). She told me I was wrong. I told her that I would appreciate a copy of their course work and description and I would write and let her know if I was wrong.

Lastly, I am greatly suspicious that all of the major Christian organizations are now hyping Y2K and preparation. These are the same organizations which have not given any time to understand or expose world government or the United Nations agenda. My first reaction when I started to hear of their Y2K concern was to question their motives. Is it money they earn from selling Y2K survival items such as food, etc. or is it because they agree with the agenda and have been placed in a position (false prophets) to lead the church astray?

Rise of Bible Prophecy

It was in the early 70's that a book came on the scene which has been instrumental in Bible prophecy. We are all interested in what the Bible has to say about the future. The problem is we all interpret words in the Bible differently and therefore there are a multitude of opinions about what is going to happen.

I studied Bible prophecy for a number of years, read as many books and listened to all of the Bible scholars talk about their opinions of what is going to happen. To be honest with you, as a result of attending my first several UN conferences, everything that I believed about Bible prophecy has come into question. What I do believe is that I need to be faithful on a daily basis, working out my own salvation with "fear and trembling," looking to serve God through personal holiness, and looking to stand in the Gap when evil rears its ugly head!

(In order to do that you need to know the whole global agenda and who your enemies are.)

However, I find it interesting that Y2K happens to occur at a time when many are looking for the return of Jesus Christ. While I too look forward to His return, I am concentrating on my daily walk. I read in a magazine recently that Jerry Falwell (along with other well-known ministers) feel Y2K is God's judgement on America. I do not agree. If the world currency markets and stock markets can be manipulated, I believe Y2K is also manipulated. Consider the following:

1. According to 50 year researcher Maureen Heaton, "....logical and maintenance flows have been discovered in the design of worldwide programming code and databases. These flows will result in the collapse of the world's computer systems on or before 2000 AD.....On November 1, 1968, the National Bureau of Standards issued a Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB#4) where the use of 6 digit dates for all information exchanges between Federal agencies was specified. A source check (of government documents on reveals that FIPS Pub #4 was superseded by FIPS Pub #4 -21 on 27 January, 1988 by the action of the Secretary of Commerce. In this standards representation the following paragraph precedes the inclusion of #10. Specifications: For purposes of electronic data interchange in any recorded form among U.S. Government agencies, NIST highly recommends that four-digit year elements be used. The year should encompass a two-digit century that precedes, and is contiguous with, a two-digit year-of-central (e.g. 1999,2000, etc). In addition, optional two-digit year time elements specified in ANSI X3.30-1985 (R1991) should not be used for the purposes of any data interchange among U.S. Government agencies."

The government was aware of this problem back in 1968.

Can you imagine a country that can send men to the moon allowing a "slip up" of this magnitude?

2. Y2K will require global compliance in ways that companies would otherwise never adhere to. They now have to account to numerous government agencies tracking whether or not they are Y2K compliant. This compliance is being tracked in the banking/brokerage/insurance industries, manufacturing, governmental and every level possible.

3. Y2K is causing local, state, national, and international agencies to interact with each other about disaster relief and other areas. This alone comprises a new level of global cooperation which appears to be a necessity versus one of integration as a result of global government--it is all a matter of how you view it.

4. All of the global organizations are planning to meet as usual in 1999 and 2000.

5. By creating a problem it can be solved in the manner in which you want it to be. Y2K will present a multitude of problems for which the UN and nation-states must find solutions for. What a great way to come together--naturally through disaster!!

6. At two Y2K conferences which I attended, the idea that the rich countries would have to help the poor countries prepare for this time was a central issue. This is another form or excuse for "transfer of our wealth to them."

7. Y2K presents an excellent opportunity for all of President Clinton's Executive Orders to be instituted. They include the following: Executive Order 11051-Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis. EO 10995 - takeover of media communications. EO 10997 - take over of all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals., EO 10998 - takeover of food resources and farms, EO 10990 - takeover of all modes of transportation and control of highways, seaports, etc., EO 11000 - mobilization of civilians into work brigades under government supervision, EO 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons, EO 11003 - provides for the government takeover of airports and aircraft.

8. The "coming of Y2K" is a propaganda ploy by itself to condition Americans. Automatically we are instituting their agenda--reduction of personal consumption; looking for alternatives to depletable natural resources such as solar energy which the UN has been touting for years; self-reliance with your own garden (which I have no problem with); and going back to appliances which don't use electricity thus reducing our dependence on electricity which is generated by coal and other depletable resources.

9. Presents a great opportunity to increase the cost of living such as the cost of gas, wood, food, electricity, etc. In other words, everything that depletes the resources of the

-- Ed (, September 14, 1999


I'm just a simple, non computer-literate slob struggling mightily to comprehend the implications of Y2K. It's all suddenly clear- Y2K is a sinister plot hatched by Clinton, Rubin and Greenspan to turn control of the world over to the UN so it can establish an international tax structure, invoke a one-world government and snatch our religeous values. Eureka!

-- mike (, September 14, 1999.

I find the above illogical.

If there is a global conspiracy, I do not believe increased self sufficiency, solar energy etc. would be part of "their" agenda. Rather they would want the masses to continue mass market consumption patterns with lots of debt to support a system of excesses so "they" can live off the sweat of someone elses brow.

I do believe that there will be a concerted sell off of major stock, bond and commodity perhaps with foreign investors left holding the bag due to their being the last in at the highest price. The smart money will likely sit out thru rollover and buy back in at new lows, esp in real estate and tangibles.

-- Bill P (, September 14, 1999.

I tremble for the world when I relate that MY Loving GOD is just.

-- I Love Our Father In Heaven (, September 14, 1999.

This report is more bullshit propaganda; the song is, 'You don't need to stock-up for Y2K--just vote! If Y2K was a NWO capper, it's sure one that's gone ape-shit of out of control.

-- Mr. Blond (favors@f/f.yum), September 15, 1999.

Thanks Ed - I've heard Joan Veon on the radio, and read a lot of her stuff - she is one smart woman.

Bill, Mr. Blond - the NWO has a real agenda, y2k in all likelyhood will put a spoke in their works, however.... they are not stupid, you can bet that whatever happens they will maximise it to suit their own purposes, that's guaranteed. The best thing you can do to protect yourselves is listen to the likes of Joan Veon, John Whitley, Harry Schultz, David Icke - amongst others - and follow your intuition. That's what I'm doing, and a lot of other folks on this forum.

-- Andy (, September 15, 1999.

Ed is right about the nwo angle.If you believe y2k is real or contrived,these guys will use it to thier advantage.

-- Eric michael (, September 15, 1999.

Glad to see someone is looking at the larger picture and not just how many bags of beans are left at Cosco.Go to Illuminati News for a spin on who's behind the one World goverment.

-- man (, September 15, 1999.

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