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The young people with disabilities I work with, as part of Phab Scotland's Isolated young person's project, are keen to set up a chat relay. They want to be online one evening a week when they attend a cybercentre as a group. Having never done this before any forewarning of potential problems would be helpful.

Or perhaps you know of a similar disability friendly chat room which we might like to visit. The project is keen to hear from anyone interested in how computing might help disabled young people be more socially integrated, as that is our aim also.

Thanks Laura McKenna

-- Laura McKenna (, September 14, 1999



There are quite a lot of chat rooms on the internet - in fact I run a few of them myself. A couple of questions:

1. How young are the people you are talking about? Is it 'kids' chat rooms you are after. The majority of chat rooms on the internet are used by teenagers - is this the age group you are talking about.

2.Are you looking for chat rooms which are only aimed at disabled people or chat rooms which are open to everyone?

3.How protective do you feel you need to be? Chat rooms have their fair share of 'off-colour' moments.


-- Jim Byrne (, September 14, 1999.

i would like to see this for i have two children with disabilities.please write to me

-- karin a laursen (, March 29, 2001.

Hi, I found a good Aamerican chatroom recently.www.disabilities-r- Dont know if it would b suitiable or not age ranges between 12 and 50 roughly at the moment but its a nice clean freindly room. Could be worth checking it out. Best of luck for your plans hope all goes well and i really like the idea. Fran

-- fran (, April 07, 2001.

Dear Laura

I have recently took up post as the Young Persons Worker at Disability Doncaster. I have started to set up my project but i would be very interested in this idea of yours. Also i would like to chat to you about other ideas and about your service. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further

Brett Wheeler

-- Brett Wheeler (, April 10, 2001.

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