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No I'm soon getting very tired of trying to make my own vcd's.

I use my Asus V3800 to capture avi files sized 352*288 with avi_io.

Then I use Virtualdub ( to cut the files like I want them.

Next I use Ligos LSX-Mpeg encoder 2.51 with the "vcd"-button pressed to convert the avi files into Mpeg-1 (should be white-book compliant).

Finally I make the cd with Adaptec video cd creator 4.0.


1. The final vcd seems to play fine on my standalone dvd/vcd player, but every 10-20 second the movie stops for a second. I simply don't know what went wrong - could it be the media ? I don't think so, since I've played many different brands of cdr's in it already.

Could it be the ligos mpeg encoder ? well, it seems strange to me that it would only show the problem every 15th second ..

2. From what I can read in this forum adaptec vcd creator have had some problems in the past - have any of you tried version 4.0 yet ? and does it have the same problems as previous versions ?

on my system it acts pretty strange (both in winNT4.0, win2000 RC1 and win98) it burns the whole cd, but in the middle of closing the cd it pops it out and pull it in very quickly - I find that strange, since the cd appears to be fine anyway.

I hope someone can answer some of my questions - since I'm VERY eager to get going in this vcd business, making music-video-vcd-compilations.


-- Jakob Langgaard (, September 14, 1999


if in U.S.- encode in this format:

Video-CD NTSC (MPEG-1 352x240 29.97fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps)

if in Europe- encode in this format:

Video-CD PAL (MPEG-1 352x288 25fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps) =============================== if you dont need to crop with virtual dub, then don't, it's an unnessary step. also: dont use LSX.- to buggy; use TMPGENC ( instead to encode to mpeg.- very stable, very flexible, and pretty easy.

next: get rid of EZ CD ERROR_CREATOR. It sucks! to unpredictable. use NERO BURNING ROM ( instead to encode your mpeg to vcd.. its very powerful and very stable and easy to use

hope this helps getting you started.. have fun

-- bwarehouse (, December 11, 2001.

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