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This is the Y2K portion of a newsletter I get on a monthly basis. Suze has been VERY close for both Mrs. Driver and I the last several months.
Her name is:
Susan Miller
Astrology Zone
and she can be found on the GO network as above.

this came out on 9/8/1999.

Dear Astrology Zone Reader,

On the face of one of New York's big department stores is a millennium clock that continually fidgets, whirling its red digital readout in a breathless rush to "zero days left" -- January 1, 2000. Most of us are aware of the fact that, technically, the new millennium won't come until the year 2001 -- two thousand years from 1 AD. However, I don't like looking at this sign because it makes me anxious. I guess, like most people, I am jumpy enough with so many things to accomplish in the course of a day, without this giant sign reminding me that time is running out. By the end of 1999, I want to have certain things to show for my time. Lately, though, time seems to be flying by, as I try to cram more and more into a day.

The year 2000 does, admittedly, feel like something very new and special. There is something exciting about being a part of the world community at the turn of a century. Together we will enter a new phase and a new way of looking at ourselves and our world. There seems to be a need within us to start fresh and ditch old bad habits, so we can enter the year 2000 stronger and better than ever before. There is an implication that we need to get ready -- and I agree we do.

For this newsletter, then, I will talk about Y2K. Many of you have been sending letters asking for a statement on what might happen. Most of us make New Year's resolutions at the start of the year, and I was thinking, why not give ourselves a running start? This way, by the new year we can say we have already reached one goal and are on the way to bigger ones. We have almost four months left in 1999, which is more than enough time to see enormous progress.

Y2K: September 9, 1999, October 1, 1999, and January 1, 2000
Many people are concerned that computers could falter to some degree on January 1, 2000 and possibly on two other dates: September 9, 1999, and October 1, 1999. Numerically, the September date: 9/9/99, becomes "9999" -- a number sequence that has been, for some programmers, shorthand for "delete." Other officials are wary about October 1, 1999, the start of the fiscal year of the United States Government. Obviously, Americans would be more affected by this problem than people living elsewhere, but because the USA does business with so many other countries, a computer glitch in America could have a domino effect. Let's look at the planetary aspects for all these dates and see what we find.

First, rest assured that none of the planetary patterns on these dates are going to be nearly as troublesome as the aspects we felt from the end of July through August, 1999. That in itself is good news! Not everyone had difficulty during the past few months, but many people did. Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus were particularly touched. As my Aquarius friend said to me: "I have no idea how I made it through August, what with my divorce and a big new client coming through all at once. That month was a blur!"

During the past two months, we have had two powerful eclipses and several planets in retrograde position, including Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There are no eclipses near the Y2K dates -- what a relief! In fact there isn't even a full moon on any of these dates, which should keep people in a more rational and less emotional frame of mind. As an article in the New York Times mused recently, the fear of Y2K (and the reaction to that fear) could easily be more problematic than Y2K itself. It will be up to calm and reasonable people everywhere to remain stable, especially if others around them are over-reacting like Chicken Little crying, "the sky is falling!"

September 9, 1999 (9|9|99)
The first of the dates, September 9, is almost upon us, so we won't have to wait long to find out how things go! On that day, we always have to look at the tightest (closest) aspect to the moon. This configuration shows Saturn, the planet of longevity and stability, sending blessings to the moon. This moon happens to be a new moon (an indication of new beginnings) in the sign of Virgo (the sign of detail and organization). Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is superbly angled to Saturn as well. This is a very good omen.
The hardest aspect on September 9 is Venus opposed to Uranus in wide degree, indicating unexpected loss is possible in some isolated areas. Venus always has financial implications in a chart. Uranus happens to be in Aquarius, the sign of computers, for several more years. This could mean loss through computers or other machines with moving parts, but it could also mean you lose your wallet in a taxicab (a car is a machine), or find out you have to pay an unexpected machine-related expense -- like a new muffler for your car. Checking your belongings on that day is probably a good idea, as is having your hard drive backed-up.
Mars and Pluto are inching closer to one another now, which is a positive configuration indicating power and strength. In fact, this is such an outstanding aspect that I have discussed this configuration in each September forecast. These two planets will make an exact hit on September 15 -- check your forecast to see how it will work out for you! On September 9, Mars and Pluto will be within three degrees of that exact hit. I see nothing serious to worry about on September 9, but as we get closer to January 1, we need to become more organized.

October 1, 1999
October 1, 1999 is the start of the U.S. Government fiscal year, and on this day, the Sun and Pluto (ruler of all bases of power, including the government) are at good angles. This is a good omen that the U.S. Government will, for the most part, hum along unchanged. Jupiter (planet of plenty) sends warm greetings to the moon on October 1, and Venus is friendly, too. The Sun also puts in a good call to Jupiter, giving us more reason to have a good day.
But, Saturn and Uranus are only four degrees apart now (at hard angles), and certainly "within orb" of touching one another. This is something we have felt quite a bit during the past few months. On October 1, Saturn and Uranus are within three degrees of a 90-degree square, denoting obstacles and differences (because of the sharp angles of a square). These planets are already close enough to cause some difficulty. Saturn rules structure and Uranus rules chaos, and they are not getting along very well. Their interaction gets to be especially tough on October 1, which is inches closer to the showdown they will have on November 14. Saturn makes one pay a high price for bad judgement, an aspect we had on July 16-17 of this year and will return to again. Saturn and Uranus will stay locked in a close dance for months, right through January 1, 2000, so we have to take steps to remain organized and keep lots of documentation "just in case." So you see, October 1 does have mixed aspects, so I would suggest some reasonable caution.

January 1, 2000
Let's first jump to that big date, January 1, 2000, for a look at what's to come. As I said, Saturn and Uranus will be "within orb" (close enough to touch in mathematical degree), so we can't let down our guard. But, this aspect definitely does not guarantee difficulties -- it has been in place for months. Difficult aspects challenge us, but only wreak havoc if we have not done our homework. Saturn, being the taskmaster, demands that. In this case, these two planets are asking us all to be super-organized. The moon will oppose Mercury, but Mercury will send a powerful, friendly beam to Saturn, planet of strong foundations. Mercury also speaks to Mars in a warm and engaging way on that day. This is another good sign that, for the most part, our transition to January 1, 2000 should be fairly smooth, with only isolated difficulties here and there. Rather than bore you with astrological mumbo-jumbo, I will state it simply: there are no loud messages of Y2K nightmares in the charts of any of these three big days. But, due to some cranky aspects, it would be a good idea to make some reasonable preparations.

My Suggestions:
Get a Folder Or Metal Box
First, buy yourself a special accordion folder or metal box for Y2K documents (which I will list here). A safety deposit box at the bank is a great idea, too. In the next three months of 1999, start to save all your bank statements, including statements referring to your retirement account, stock certificates, saving accounts, money market, deeds or statements of assets in this box. Even if you only have one savings account or only a retirement account statement, save it in a special place. Some banks send a statement out only once every quarter on certain types of accounts, so be watchful when it comes in the mail in the coming weeks.
In December, it might also be wise to save your bills in this same box. If your local department store has difficulties with their computer, if you have your statements, you can prove to some degree what you owe should you have to. Don't just keep your credit card statements, but get up-to-date reports on all your debts, like mortgage, student loans, lines of credit, etc. It would be a good idea to keep your family's medical records, insurance invoices, and cancelled checks for this quarter of 1999 in your metal box, too.

Americans: Call Your Social Security Office
If you are a U.S. taxpayer and citizen, call your local Social Security office for a printout of your lifetime Social Security contributions. Have your Social Security number on a card, too. Please don't wait until December to do this. They won't have time to help you then like they can now. Call soon so that you won't forget. It will take some time to get that statement sent anyway, so you might as well do it today. If you live in a foreign country and have paid into a similar type of retirement account, keep documentation on file should you need to prove what you have accumulated in that account to an official later on.

Get A Credit Report From Each Agency
Call all credit agencies to request copies of the credit reports that are on file about you. Keep a copy of the accurate credit reports in the same box or file. In the United States, there are three main credit unions: Transunion, Equifax and Experian. You can order a report for about eight dollars each. You might already belong to a service that can send you all credit reports regularly, on a quarterly basis. When you get them, save them. They may come in handy later. A professional service will also gather up and send you all medical information that is stored about you and shared with insurance companies -- something that would be good to know. I understand you can also get a printout of any traffic violations you might have on record. Be sure that report is accurate, too.

Have Your Documents Notarized
Get a Notary Public to sign that those documents are yours, then file them away in your metal box. Have all the documents we have discussed so far signed by you and a legal Notary Public should you need to prove these documents are yours.

Cash On Hand
Withdraw a little cash from the bank to have on hand, but don't wait until December 31. How much? Most experts suggest two weeks worth of cash for your family should be ample. Do not withdraw your whole account -- that would not be wise. You don't want to invite theft!
Keep in mind it is not how much money you have on hand but how much you have in small denominations that will matter! If your local bank's ATM is down and you only have $100 bill to pay for a bottle of milk or a can of peas, that would defeat the purpose of having cash on hand. Therefore, don't plan on rushing to the bank on December 31 to withdraw $500 or more in small denominations -- the bank clerk will laugh at you. Start now. Stash your money in various hiding places around your house or at the homes of friends and relatives. It would probably be best not to put all your money in one place. Be creative about selecting your hiding places, but not so creative that you can't find the cash later!

Get A Battery Powered Radio And Flash Light
Buy a radio, if you don't already have one that runs on batteries. Check your phone system and home security system and find out what would happen in the event of a power failure. For example, I have many phone lines in my apartment, but one line is not on the same system. This line is not dependent on electricity, which would be helpful if there were a blackout. Buy a big, square floodlight flashlight, too, the kind of light that people keep in the trunks of their cars in case of a breakdown. Keep one at home and one in your car. Have plenty of fresh batteries on hand for your radio or flashlight, should you need them.

Two Weeks Worth Of Groceries
Buy some groceries, but don't plan to shop on the last day of the year, because supermarket stocks could be quite low. Start to buy canned goods now, should your local supermarket have difficulty with deliveries. Computers are everywhere in our society and one never knows where the weak link could be. For example, your supermarket may have plenty of food, but if the elevator in your building doesn't work, it could be hard to lug a week's worth of groceries up many flights of stairs! I live in a 30-story building, so you can imagine how hard that would be. I will be prepared with full cupboards, that's for sure! Start to gradually buy extra staples and get extra prescription medicine, too.

Don't Wire Money; Send Checks Or Foreign Drafts, Keep Check Stubs
Experts feel it won't be wise to wire money near January 1, 2000. Instead, send checks. If you want to send money to a foreign country, get a foreign draft. You will want to have a paper trail should you need to prove a payment of any kind. Pre-pay taxes with a paper check during this last quarter, rather than wire your payment electronically, for the same reason. It is obvious that it will be more critical than ever this year to keep careful records.

Americans should make sure their W2 information is accurate. Everyone, of all nationalities, should save their salary and pay stubs during the last quarter of the year, should they need to show how much money they earned and paid in taxes.

If you have set aside your new accordion file you can drop all this information into it easily. Once you get in the habit of doing this, you can have a special compartment for things you buy that have consumer warranties. The person with the receipt always comes out ahead. I noticed damage to my bed frame, seven years after I bought it. Macy's still had me in their computer and the saleslady told me my bed frame had come with a lifetime guarantee. Macy's sent someone to replace my damaged frame within days. We all need to keep records -- sometimes a long time! In this case, Macy's kept the record for me, but I won't always be that lucky. I am good at being organized, but plan to get even better!

Check The Y2K Compliance Of Your Hardware And Software
Starting now, check with your computer manufacturer to see if your operating system is Y2K compliant. I work on Apple Macintosh computers so I am all set, because Apple Computer has always been Y2K compliant. I have five Macs, and just bought an iBook, which will be shipped soon. If you are on a PC machine, there is special software you can buy to find out if your computer is at risk. Find out now -- not later, when everyone will be flocking to the stores to buy that software checker. It may not be your hardware that brings difficulties. You have to check that your software is okay, too. Start this month. At my office, my Manager of Information Technology has done thorough tests on all the software we use already. All systems are "go." Call or read the material on your software manufacturers' web sites. Most patches are available for free or a nominal cost. The Sun is in Virgo now, the sign of detail and practical structure -- what better time to do this?

Back-up, Back-up, Back-up!
Backing-up your computer hard drive has never been more important. It is a way you say to yourself, "My work is valuable, and I would not like to see this lost." I back-up my work with Jaz disks, but choose a back-up system you like best and use it daily! I cannot underscore this point strongly enough, regardless of Y2K. If the threat of having a Y2K problem makes you extra careful about backing-up your computer, you will have acquired a very positive habit. There are many back-up solutions, many of them quite inexpensive. There are even ways to back-up your work seamlessly each night through the Internet, using special subscriber services, something my sister chose to do. If you choose that option, check with your provider to be sure that their systems are Y2K compatible. They probably are, but check anyway.
If you use disks, back-up more than once. I have three separate back-ups for each of my five Macintosh computers in case of back-up disk error. Any disk, of any brand, can develop an error in time. Occasionally, I buy new back-up disks to replace the old ones because we use them over and over.

Should you Fly? That's Your Call
To be on the safe side, I don't plan to fly at midnight on December 31, 1999. Perhaps you feel the same way. To be fair, I have read that many airline officials say they have been checking their computer equipment, and that they feel that flying will be safe. On the other hand, I have also read reports that some corporations are not allowing executives to fly within two weeks before or after January 1, 2000. Keep reading your local newspaper for updates about the safety of flying, and pay attention to both reports on the status of your favorite airline, as well as the air traffic control tower computer systems in airports you use.

Be Sensitive And Helpful To The Needs Of The Elderly
If you have an elderly close friend or relative who lives alone, make sure you bring your relative or friend a radio, a flash light, some groceries, and help them get some cash in small dominations, too. Ask your relative if he or she would like your help organizing his or her medical papers and financial statements in a box. It is the kind and caring thing to do.

Preparing For Y2K May Make You Ready For Anything
Few of us may ever need the documents and special preparations we are making, but this is a good exercise to do, anyway. Each of us can learn to become super-organized for the new millennium. I got so into the swing of things that I updated my will and reassessed our changing insurance needs. It was not Y2K that caused me to do this, it simply seemed like the right, "grown up" thing to do.

"Bunker Mentality"
The media is already full of stories of people preparing for the New Year by stockpiling survival gear in hidden shelters in the woods. Do I think you need to do anything extreme, like buy a gun? Good heavens, no! Should you empty out your bank account or sell your stocks? No! Do you need to buy a year's worth of food for your cellar? No! I think "bunker mentality" is crazy. If I saw any astrological aspect indicating that such precautions were needed, I would tell you! I am on your side! Let me reiterate that the aspects that occurred over July and August were MUCH tougher than those that will occur on January 1, 2000. As I had mentioned previously, to help you on a stronger financial path in the new millennium, I am finishing up my new feature, called "The Road to Wealth," as we speak. Stay tuned for a note from me alerting you that it has been posted on Astrology Zone.

In Closing ...
Here is one last thought to consider: if we do have a some difficulties with Y2K, perhaps it is our Creator's way to teach us the importance of helping one another. Maybe we need to learn to be more responsive and compassionate to our fellow man. The Bible says that we are our brothers' keepers, and I have always been inspired by that phrase. By being caring and responsible to one another, the people of the world will grow closer. Be reasonable, organized and wise, but don't panic. As the critical hour approaches on December 31, sit back and open up a fine bottle of champagne for you and your friends. I am predicting it will be a lovely, memorable day to be alive -- and one all of us will enjoy remembering someday!

Susan Miller Astrology Zone http://astrologyzone.go.com

All in all, a fairly balanced presentation, I think. Chuck

-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), September 14, 1999


OOOOPS! Posted with the author's EXPLICIT permission, so long as the requisite plug for her contracted site is included (The GO NETWORK) see the plug about 8 lines down from the top.


-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), September 14, 1999.

maybe so except the practice of astrology and the reference to the bible and the creator are definitely OUT OF ALIGNMENT with one another. pick your side susan--they don't go together.

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), September 14, 1999.

We-ee-ll, remember that the wise men were Rulers and astrologers.


-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), September 14, 1999.

The Night Driver wrote: "We-ee-ll, remember that the wise men were Rulers and astrologers."

No mention of them being kings/rulers, as I recall, nor wise. They were in fact "magi", 'magicians' of a sort. Probably astrologers. Probably Zoroaster (Zoroastrian) priests. Most certainly they did know by the star that a new king had been born in Israel. God also spoke to them through dreams.

-- Trust Him (ItComes@Soon.now), September 14, 1999.

Very ODD piece. Astrology, Christianity, and a prep piece that could have been written by the Czar himself. Has a psyops feel to me, but then I obviously am from the tinfoil hat brigade.

"I think "bunker mentality" is crazy. If I saw any astrological aspect indicating that such precautions were needed, I would tell you! I am on your side!"

-- Linda (lwmb@psln.com), September 14, 1999.

Astrology works. Haven't the faintest idea how or why, but it does.

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), September 14, 1999.

Chuck, I have appreciated your work on this forum as well as your sound insights and compassionate spirit, as reflected in your writings. So this is not to embarrass or in any way denigrate you, but I must reply to this post in the negative.

I was a Christian, trained in a theological college. I was married to a clergyman for 15 years. When, after all those years of his neglect emotionally and in every other way, he then directed his energies to seducing a counselee, my best friend and wife of his best friend, I became very bitter and angry with God. I decided, like Sinatra, to "do things my way." I got into all sorts of occultism for many years, including astrology big-time. I took a course, visited and had readings with some of the top astrologers in NYC and Boston, as well as other less notables. When I returned to my senses, and the root of my Christian faith, I realized how very, very damaging those years had been to my entire life. I also sensed innately, even while involved with such things, that they were somehow inherently, intrinsically dark arts, with their source not in healthy realms.

I know that we are all seeking every bit of relevant information on which to base our preparations, mentally and physically, for what is ahead. However, I cannot imagine that the positions of some planets has any real effect upon what transpires on yet another planet, Earth.

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), September 14, 1999.

As an astrologer who doesn't see astrology as simple-mindedly as a cause/effect arrangement, there *is* something to it. Today and tomorrow we are seeing an astrological alignment considered one of the most dangerous and disruptive of them all (Mars-Pluto). Is anything going on? What is Hurricane Floyd? Is the Mars-Pluto conjunction causing it? No -- just marking the time.

Susan Miller's astrological view of the Y2K problem is as simple-minded and happy faced as anything to come out of Washington (maybe Kosy could use her!). Her forecast is riddled with contradictions and cross-pollinated belief systems while filtering her prognosis through her lack of any real knowledge about the subject of Y2K. Astrological symbolism is always interpreted through one's personal biases and ignorances. Susan Miller has already made her mind up about the subject from all the great reports she reads in the local paper. Just a bump in the road for a couple of weeks at the most. Keep your money in the bank...Big Daddy has everything well in hand, go back to sleep because she sees no earth-shaking alignments on that day.

The motions of the planets and their interactions describe a process, not an event. She talks at length about August alignments, failing to see that this was the beginning of a 9-month process that will not be completed until May 2000.

Contrary to many opinions on Y2K, astrological or otherwise, the fat lady doesn't sing on January 1, 2000. Susan Miller needs to do her homework before advising people who want to believe that everything will be just fine after a few bumps and warm embraces between planets.

Gary Paul Glynn Astrologick: Weekly Forecast Report http://www.indepen.com/astro.html

-- Gary Paul Glynn (gpg@bluemarble.net), September 14, 1999.


What is the importance of transiting Pluto oppossing(sp?) the U.S. natal uranus at 8+ degrees and transiting Uranus conjuncting the U.S. natal moon at 18+degrees?I know there are different natal charts used,but this is the one I go by.

-- maggie (aaa@aaa.com), September 15, 1999.

The answer is - "1/1/2001"

Hints (I'm bending the Jeopardy rules just a wee):

Decades end in "0".

Centuries end in "0".

Millennia end in "0".

The question: "When is the beginning of the 21st Century, Alex."

-- Bingo1 (howe9@pop.shentel.net), September 15, 1999.

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