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I have been trying to find plans to construct a cooking oil press. I found a book called The Manuel Screw Press. It describes the method of making oil but does not give information on the construction of the press. I can not find information anywhere I've looked for construction plans. Can anyone out there help???

I read that there is a book about constructing a press using a floor jack. I called Rodel Press, who supposedly published such a book, but they could find nothing. Information would be greatly appreciated.

-- monique (, September 13, 1999



Maybe you mean Rodale Press. You can look on Amzon, under the publisher.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 13, 1999.


Carla Emery's book, Encyclopedia of Country Living, has plans for constructing an oil press.

-- Jill D. (, September 14, 1999.

Thanks, I checked the Carla Emery book and sure enough it's there. It was Rodale Press I called, not Rodel. I'm going to get to work and see if I can adapt the two designs I have.

-- monique (, September 16, 1999.

Let us know how it goes. And what are you pressing for oil???

Taz...who is always interested in alternatives.

-- Taz (, September 18, 1999.


I plan to use sunflower seeds and/or corn. I live in Maine so my choices are limited.

-- moniquue (me@home .here), September 18, 1999.

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