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i have an Amiga CD32 and i'm looking for the much vaunted FMV mpeg/videoCD expansion module for it. since commodore is bust, i'm wondering where i could get one. i bought the CD32 for ONE DOLLAR, brand new at a garage sale and i'm dying for that FMV module!

anyone know?

BTW, i live in canada, where next to no-one knows anything about the CD32.


-- crushworthy (, September 13, 1999


Find your FMV module yet? CD32 $1 Dollar Wow. Tried any Amiga sites?

-- Ken Lex (, February 27, 2000.

I got one from a boot sale for 15, sorry mate. I must say however, its not very good. go & buy a dvd player

-- lucas (, June 09, 2001.

I have an CD32, including very nice game compilations, the FMV module of course, and an mp3 decoder, called the MAS-player, very efficient. I also use it to browse the web at times when in holidays. I can assure you that the deal is worth, the VCD quality is far better than a VHS, and as for the DVD, it's really a different thing and can't be compared. Here, the pleasure is having such an old collectible hardware still usefull for things.

I had many problems in finding an fmv.. Though there's still Amiga shops selling that maybe have some units left, I'm not sure. Ebay is also a fine ressource, provided you perform a world seek.

-- Nowee (, August 06, 2003.

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