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it appears many people are preparing for a very large & dangerous storm on the east coast what will we see if this storm were to hit every where in the world at once ?----y2k ?

-- s. hill (, September 13, 1999


Heard Gov. Jeb Bush on the radio declaring a state of emergency. He said something to the effect that he wants people to be "very afraid" of this storm because of the magnitude and destructive potential.

Hmmm. I know all hurricanes aren't alike (lived on the panhandle of FL for 7 years), but it can't be that bad, could it? I mean a lot of people are calling y2k effects like a "hurricane or winter storm." Nobody in authority is telling people to be "very afraid." But then again, maybe y2k just isn't close enough yet. I don't know, maybe I think too much!

-- Jim the Window Washer (, September 13, 1999.

It's very scary on the weather maps. But then, my sister is in Central Florida.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 13, 1999.

We're in Panama City, FL (on the Gulf Coast in the panhandle) We're keeping a close eye on this puppy. Weather people keep saying that it's going to turn north (Ya'll on the East coast have my prayers). But if Floyd hits FL east coast and keeps coming west and gets into the Gulf, Lord help us.It will fill the Gulf. Normally, I'm the nervous Nellie about these things. We were out on the water yesterday. When we got back to the club, one of the guys put on the weather channel. DH says, "We're pulling the boat Tues." Alittle while later, "Maybe we should pull it now, the trailer's here and I got lots of help." I said , "Wait until tomorrow."This A.M. he said he was pulling the boat today. Well, the boat (a 30" pontoon boat--Party Hut II--Yes we will mud wrestle (sp??))Even if Floyd comes this way, with all my y2k preps, I'm feeling very calm about it. Actually, I've never felt so prepared in my life. I love the feeling. This isn't a y2k thing for me anymore, it's a whole new life style. But when you think of it., we Americans have really gotten away from self-suffiency. My Mom has always kept a full pantry. I learned rotate groceries ("The new cans go in the back") as soon as I was big enough to help put the groceries up. DuffyO off her soap box.

-- DuffyO (, September 13, 1999.

> Hmmm. I know all hurricanes aren't alike (lived on the panhandle of FL for 7 years), but it can't be that bad, could it?

Be afraid, very afraid of this sucker.....besides being marginally stronger than the famous hurricane Andrew that did so much damage the fellow at the National Hurricane Center said it is three times as big as Andrew and getting more powerful by the minute. Wow. I'm in CA and I think I prefer the threat of an occasional earthquake to this stuff.


-- Don Kulha (, September 13, 1999.

we ain,t seen nothin-yet. this is just the beggining.

-- wanna bet. (, September 13, 1999.

I live near the northeast coast of Florida. My office is inland near the center of the state. This evening every gas station I passed near the suburbs had lines of people waiting to fill up. The stand alone ATM's had lines of cars, grocery stores are packed. This is in a state that is aware hurricanes happen at this time of year. This more than anything has convinced me that there will be chaos at the end of the year if people get spooked about rollover. The rural areas I came thru had no lines at the gas stations and things appeared normal. I have no idea if they are better prepared or if it is just the difference in population density. Just based on my observations today I am glad I will be rural at the end of this year. lili

-- lili (, September 13, 1999.

Hope you guys weather the storm, button down the hatches and hope for the best. This will be a good test of your survival skills, please don't do anything stupid.

-- mermaid (, September 13, 1999.

Right now I am too tired to be scared. I have spent from dawn to 8pm cleaning up this farm. Chubby Hubby came homw at 3pm and started right in getting all his piles of junk gathered up and inside. Our little chicken house is on skids and he took the tractor and put the hen house over in between rows of those big round bales of hay. Then pushed the hay up tight against it. Gathered all his junk sitting around that could turn into missles and put into the stock trailer and parked both the stock trailer and the flat bed hay trailer in against the hay rolls. Fortunately we live in a 10 acre meadow and don't have any trees that could come down on the house. We cleaned this place up so well it looks like we have moved out. Nothing like a hurricane to get one off ones butt and get it cleared away. We are about 50 miles inland from Daytona Beach and they are saying we could get 120 mile winds. I can't even conceive of that. Its nice that we are all prepped and have a large generator. He filled that up tonight with 50 gals of diesel too. Filled the tractor and both trucks and the car. We could be ready to go in a couple of hours. As fast as it took us to load up the donkeys, 2 parrots, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 7 hens and a dog and a mother in law. But where would we go? If we have to evacuate, it would mean Orlando was moving out too. There is only one freeway going up the center of the state. The other one is right on the east coast. If we don't blow away, we will be ok. Certainly have enuff food and water. But if the food is spread across the Ocala National Forest, it isn't going to do us any good. Also Gert is right behind Floyd about 5 days and now another one is forming up in between the two. Ain't life fun? And they aren't itty bitty ones either. Guess I had better try and get some sleep so I can face tomorrow. Schools are to be closed..that much I know. My prayers tonight are for all of us in the path of Floyd.


-- Taz (, September 13, 1999.

Taz, I'm praying for you, and everybody else in Florida, too. Hoping you don't have to bug out. I noticed that middle storm, too, and now it is starting to spin. Wierd thing is, it looks like it has 2 nuclei. Beats me what that means.

-- Margaret J (, September 13, 1999.

Preps or not, if you have the opportunity to bug out, I say jump in the car and drive like hell! Looks like a really nasty time ahead. Wishing the best for all you folks down south. Please take care.

-- Gia (, September 13, 1999.

"Plan as if this hurricane is going to hit you,'' National Hurricane Center Deputy Director Max Mayfield told Floridians. ''The penalty for not preparing is too great.''

I agree.

-- x (, September 13, 1999.

Saying prayers for all of you, especially Uncle Deedah! He is about 5 miles from the East coast in South/Central Florida.

-- Gayla (, September 13, 1999.

See also related thread on Preparations Forum:

-- Old Git (, September 13, 1999.

Two questions: 1) If this thing does the major damage it's capable of, how much funding, energy and attention will the aftermath steal from Y2K preps by major disaster agencies and the governments along the east coast, 2) What affect might this storm have on the stock market? Does an event such as this have the ability to start the ball rolling...downhill?

My prayers to everyone over there on the Atlantic Coast. We're about 100 feet from the beach here on the Gulf Coast of FL. Shudders to think what it would be like if the same thing struck here.

-- CD (, September 14, 1999.

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